Woman Invites All 4 Of Husband’s Mistresses To Their Divorce Trial, Drama Ensues

Learning your partner is seeing someone on the side is devastating, particularly if you have taken the time to marry them. Many people tend to break down after breaking up, but a few decide that they need to get some revenge first.

A woman shared the horrible story of learning that her husband was cheating on her with a whole list of mistresses. But when she learned that he was lying to them as well, she decided to set up a revenge plot. We got in touch with the now-ex-wife and she was kind enough to answer a few of our questions.

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Learning that your partner is cheating via text is heartbreaking

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So one woman decided to divorce her unfaithful husband and get his mistresses involved

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Later, she shared an update

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The wife got in touch with us and had some more information

Bored Panda got in touch with the ex-wife and she was kind enough to answer some questions about her unfaithful ex. Firstly, we wanted to know if there were any more updates. “Honestly, I really don’t want to update anymore but since some of you ask for an update I do have an update for y’all. My ex-Mil requested to meet up, she just got discharged from the hospital yesterday and requested to meet up at a cafe near the restaurant.”

“She looks beat up, I tell you guys. Well she asked me to get back with her son, mind you my divorce is not even that long ago. I was stunned and the most infuriating thing she said was ‘you must be happy because you can get back together with him, not only that you guys will have kids.””

“At this point i was shaking, she said that after what happen at the court, the craziness of the other woman, she said she cannot accept the craziness and that I was actually the best DIL for her(F*** Her), she said she will make the other woman give up the unborn child so that me and my ex will be the one taking care of them. My Ex doesn’t know about this plan yet, that’s what she said. I didn’t wait, I didn’t answer and just left. THE AUDACITY.”

“I tried calling my ex to ask him about this but I haven’t been able to connect to him. The other woman, they are ok now. The unborn baby is ok,” she shared with Bored Panda. For those who have never encountered it, a pregnant woman is often stronger than one might think, particularly when cheaters are involved.

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The man seemed to be living in some realm of delusions

How this man planned to maintain this lifestyle is anyone’s guess, but we wanted to know what his ex-wife thought. “I am not sure what my ex thought while doing all of this honestly. But for background my ex job requires him to relocate a lot, sometime in a year we will only be together for like 1 month the best is like 2 months.” Ironically, men tend to be worse affected by infidelity than women.

“I try to like to stay with him in the first year of our marriage but it is hard when you don’t have a permanent address. So we decided that I would stay in our home country, and I also have a job here.” After all, this degree of revenge is applause-worthy, particularly when research suggests that being cheated on often brings along with it low self-esteem and other issues. Revenge isn’t just about justice, it can be part of the healing process.

“Some people ask me why I have to do it like this instead of claiming more from my ex. Well, for them MONEY IS NOT A PROBLEM!I can’t hurt them financially. When I found out that he has more mistresses, in my mind I want these people to hurt just like me. Until now I haven’t been able to contact my ex(not answering) just that my ex sister in law updated me. He is doing fairly ok,” she added.

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Many readers were shocked and the ex-wife gave some more details in the comments

Others shared their thoughts on the man

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