Woman Is Fed Up With Having To Pay For Basic Human Necessities, Shows Where The USA Went Wrong

Nowadays, it feels like everything costs an arm and a leg, from things people do to treat themselves to the daily necessities in life.

The latter is what TikToker Amber Cimiotti discussed in a video that went viral. She shared that in her opinion, people nowadays have to pay for many important things in life that were previously naturally occurring, and quite a few netizens seemed to agree. Scroll down to find Amber’s thoughts below.

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Amber believes that many basic human needs have been paywalled in the US

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In many cities, getting exercise as you go about your day is not easy, if at all possible

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As Americans, we’ve removed everything we actually need in daily life, like exercise, talking to friends, connecting with people, spending time with our kids. We’ve taken all of the naturally occurring things out of life, and made it so that those things can only be achieved by a therapy session, by an activity that we have to pay for.

There’s not many places, neighborhoods and cities where it’s super easy to walk everywhere, where you can get a lot of natural exercise, whether it’s walking to and from your house or to the grocery stores. This just doesn’t exist for most people now, so you have to wake up earlier, on your lunch break or after work, you have to go to the gym so you can get in your exercise.

People often need to pay to get human connection

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Talking. People are meant to just talk nonstop, but now we live really isolated and then, when you are talking, you’re probably at work in your professional mode. But people are meant to share their struggles, their stories, everyday things constantly, all the time. And we’re not doing that.

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And what do you see happening? Nowadays everybody needs a therapist. Yes, therapy is needed for some things. But most people just need to be talking to people way more. And I don’t mean like trolling on the internet.

Kids’ activities, too, nowadays require more money

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Kid stuff. There used to be kids running around neighborhoods all the time, parents didn’t have to pay all this extra money to do activities so their kids can be involved in things, parents didn’t have to drive all over the place. No, they opened their door and there was kids everywhere.

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But now that doesn’t exist. So we do need to pay for activities. We need to do special things, we need to be driving our kids all around.

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Eating healthy in the US, according to Amber, is a part-time job

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Eating healthy food in America is a part-time job, if not a full-time job, between trying to find the right food, reading all the labels, understanding, reteaching what minerals and herbs and all these natural things in earth that help us. It would all be so much easier if we just had healthy food in general.

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The point is when things don’t happen naturally in your day and you need to take extra energy to achieve basic things like healthy food, exercise, talking to friends, which helps regulate emotions and things like that. When you have to build those into therapy sessions, exercise sessions, hobbies, reading 17 books, of course you’ll be tired.

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