Woman Knitted Sweater Out of Her Own Hair

See those strands of hair that fall out as you comb your hair? You probably just toss ’em away, but not Xiang Renxian of Chongqing, China!

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Xiang, a 60-year-old retired teacher, collect strands of her own hair for 11 years, then spin them into yarn and knit a sweater and hat that she can actually wear:

“It’s actually not that difficult. The key is patience and persistence,” said Xiang. …

According to Xiang’s records, the nearly half-kilogram sweater is made from exactly 89,112 hairs and is decorated with 18 knit roses. The sweater required 15 hairs to spin a knitable strand.

Read more over at Global Times – via Huffington Post

(Photo: Chongqing Economic Times)

Source: neatorama

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