Woman Noticed A Manhole Cover Inside This House, Turns Out It Leads To A 1950s Bomb Shelter

Finding old stuff is always a treat, especially if it’s something you never even knew existed.

In the past, we’ve covered a number of discoveries that were forgotten for decades, including this UK pub that’s fully underground and was sealed off since 1993 or that one time dad didn’t notice there was a hole in his cupboard and random stuff fell into the wall for 40 years—and then he unearthed it.

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Well, the discoveries don’t end there as a Californian woman found a whole abandoned bomb shelter hidden right under this house.

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Finding old stuff is great, especially if it’s what you never knew existed, like a bomb shelter under your house

Image credits: Jennifer Little

Meet Jennifer Little, an life guru from Central Coast, California, who has shared a video on her TikTok channel of one of the most unusual finds anyone can stumble upon in a house.

What she found was a manhole cover hidden underneath some carpeting that had a wood grain cabinet placed on it. After moving the roughly 400-pound piece of furniture, they took off the flooring to discover a manhole leading to a 1950s bomb shelter right under the bedroom.

Californian Jennifer Little recently found a manhole cover insider a house that led her to a 1950s bomb shelter

Image credits: Jennifer Little

Needless to say, it has been abandoned for what seems like decades with loads of dust, cobwebs and random trash strewn about the place. But, also needless to say, it is a pretty cool find on many levels.

In her videos, Jennifer explains that bomb shelters were pretty normal for houses built in the 1950s (this particular one was built in 1951) because of the cold war and the fear of a nuclear bomb being dropped in the area, especially in the Central California area, because of how exposed it was.

The 1951 house was at some point built with a shelter at a time when many feared a nuclear conflict

Seems like 50 years have passed since someone went down here as evident by the debris and holes

Image credits: Jennifer Little

So, inside, she found a number of interesting things. First, she noticed that the shelter has a ventilation system that was hidden inside the house wall.

However, according to Little, 50 or so years later, it was clear to see that the shelter was not weather-tight—rainwater was dripping across the walls and you can see daylight through the cracks in the ceiling.

It also had a modest dry storage room, which was an interesting architectural decision as it required people to leave the bomb shelter in order to enter the storage room.

Inside they found a handful of old things, including glass jars, a urinal and even a vintage posture rest

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Image credits: Jennifer Little

In terms of stuff—besides heaps of dust, debris, cobwebs and spiders, they found two flat bunk beds, a metal urinal (which they joked was actually a genie lamp), a vintage pink posture rest, some metal cans and glass jars that used to contain acid, and other miscellaneous items.

Apparently, there is also a metal door that leads outside. There were also what seemed like tool hangers on one of the walls, some cabinets with some things like extension cords left behind, and tables that made it look like a legit bomb shelter. All in all, almost everything was broken or moldy at this point.

The group joked that the urinal is actually a genie lamp as they were fishing it out of the rubble

Image credits: Jennifer Little

Jennifer shared some footage of this on her TikTok channel across a number of videos, which managed to collectively gain over 10 million views on the video sharing platform.

Additionally, they also found an abandoned dry food storage room

Image credits: Jennifer Little

Many online said that this is a pretty cool find, and shared how they would use it as a secret retreat from the world, or a zombie shelter, or just an extra room around the house (mostly gaming rooms).

Interestingly, the storage room was a completely separate room, meaning that people would have to leave the shelter in order to fetch something form here

Image credits: Jennifer Little

Check out the now viral video below

@kitty_girl_californiaCold War fallout shelter. #bombshelter #shelter #wwii #wwi♬ original sound – Jennifer Little

As mentioned above, this is one of many videos. You can check out the others here, here, and here.

What are your thoughts on this? What are some interesting things you found around your house, or if you haven’t found one yet, what would you use a room like this for if you found one? Leave us a comment below!

Here’s how people online reacted to this this interesting find

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