Woman Puts Steak Over Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Pictures

Is there a way to move on without deleting your precious pictures — especially the ones where you look so handsome or gorgeous? This woman might have your answer. It is not cropping the picture, but replacing him with something you “deeply love and trust.” For Danielle’s case, that something would be steak.

“We actually dated for a bit,” Danielle told Bored Panda. “To be honest, I’m not really sure why a steak, haha. I love food and a good steak with a nice char on it is probably my favorite thing.”

“While I was deleting a ton of photos, I wondered if there was anything I could do to keep the halfway decent pictures of myself”

Talking about her ex, Danielle painted a pretty vivid picture with just a few words. “Compulsive liar in every sense. Controlling, violent, drugs, you name it, that was him. Oh, and he almost beat a girl to death. So yeah, I’m glad I got out as lucky as I did. Completely broke but very lucky.”

“So I decided to just replace him with something that I truly and deeply love and trust. [With a] Goddamn steak”

“Now I enjoy these pictures again”

Now you know how to not delete your pictures.

(Image Credit: Bored Panda)

Source: neatorama

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