Woman Receives An Unsolicited Pic, Sends A Genius Response To The Creep And It Works Like A Charm

There are different ways of dealing with getting unsolicited pics. Some people get outraged. Others take the high road and ignore the sender. While some people do what artist Alexandra Kuri from North Yorkshire in England did.

When a guy named Mano sent her a photo of his privates, Alexandra trolled him so bad, he got scared for his future. She sent him a message that looked like an auto-reply, informing the man about his IP address supposedly having been forwarded to the police.

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Mano panicked and tried to stop this from happening until he gave up and decided to hide his tracks—he deleted his Twitter account.

When Alexandra Kuri got an unsolicited pic from a guy named Mano, she had an epic comeback

Image credits: alexandrakuri

Image credits: alexandrakuri

The guy panicked and even deleted his Twitter account

Image credits: alexandrakuri

Alexandra’s Twitter thread got a whopping 719.6k likes and over 78k retweets and impressed a lot of people. We’re pretty darn sure that a lot of people will be following the woman’s example the next time that they get sexually harassed with unsolicited pics.

There are other strategies to scare off internet weirdos, though. Some women told ‘Cosmopolitan’ that they make fun of the unsolicited pics to deflate the senders’ sense of self-esteem. Others send photos back: one told ‘Cosmo’ that she replies with photos of animals’ privates while another revealed she sends back photos of her poop.

Meanwhile, online magazine ‘Her’ suggests pretending that the sender got the wrong number (though this doesn’t work if you’re on social media). Another tactic would be to overly formally and politely demand that they explain themselves and why they’re doing this. Nothing like a bit of shame to get the senders to think about what they’re doing with their lives. Finally, you can always respond with a meme.

What do you think of how Alexandra reacted, dear Readers? Would you ever troll the sender like she did? How do you deal with getting unsolicited pictures? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Here’s what Twitter users had to say about the entire situation

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