Woman Risks Everyone’s Life With Her Ignorance, Gets Upset She’s Not Invited Anymore

Even though majestic, nature can be scary at times. Therefore, it’s important to be careful and aware of the potential dangers one might face, especially when stepping foot in the wilderness. After all, the chances of getting attacked by a bear are slim, but never zero. 

Unfortunately, for this group of campers, this innocent meme almost became a reality when, during their hike, they came face-to-face with a grizzly. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue for them, but a new person in the group suddenly made matters much worse after she started screaming and running away from it. Such behavior not only endangered everyone’s lives but also uninvited her from any upcoming camping trip. 

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Even though majestic, nature can be dangerous at times

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However, this woman completely ignored it, endangering her friends

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Around 40 people are attacked by bears each year in North America, with 5 of them being fatal

Fortunately, the chance of encountering a bear, at least in the US, is relatively low. That said, their immense size, strength, and occasionally unpredictable behavior can pose significant risks, especially when venturing into their natural habitats. According to Gitnux data, around 40 people are attacked by them each year in North America, with approximately 5 of them being fatal. 

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One of the most common mistakes people make when visiting bear territories is setting up camps in the wrong spot. It’s usually unsafe to stay close to the same trails and roads these animals use. So before choosing a spot to dwell in, the campers should check the area for any bear activity like their tracks, droppings, rubbed and claw-marked trees, berry bushes, or torn apart rotting stumps and logs (they enjoy looking for yummy treats). It’s also advised to camp in open areas, away from any cover for bears. 

Another rookie oversight is leaving food in tents or near them. These animals have a sensitive sense of smell—2100 times better than humans and 7 times better than bloodhounds and won’t pass up an opportunity to have an easy meal. When they learn that they can find yummy snacks in tents, they will start associating humans with a source of sustenance. Therefore, any edible items should be stored away from the shelter, ideally in a bear-proof box or a vehicle, so campers have more time to evacuate when a bear comes looking for a midnight pick-me-up. 

An additional wrongdoing is being too quiet. People should make a lot of noise while hiking, sing loudly, or clap their hands frequently to give plenty of time for the bear to avoid them. It’s also advised to hike in groups of three people, as they are usually noisier and smellier than a single individual. This can help the animals sense them from a greater distance.  Meanwhile, their size appears more intimidating to them. Thankfully, these animals are usually afraid of humans and just want to be on their merry way. The tips above should help campers steer clear of the majestic creatures instead of coming face-to-face with them. 

When an encounter does happen, it’s best to remain calm and collected

When an encounter does happen, it’s best to remain calm and collected. Even though screaming or running might come as a first instinct when faced with the animal, sudden loud sounds can startle it, causing it to act defensively. Instead, try keeping your voice and movements composed, backing away slowly, and avoiding eye contact. Climbing a tree is another no-go, as is trying to approach them closer to take photos. If possible, be prepared to leave the area and perhaps save camping or hiking for another day. 

Bear spray should also be taken seriously by campers, as it can be pretty handy when encountering a bear. Unfortunately, not all people take the time to educate themselves on it before coming to the wilderness. Therefore, it’s a good idea to learn how to use and carry it. 

Try keeping it in an easily accessible place, like your belt, as it won’t do any good at the bottom of your backpack. In the time of need, slowly pull it out and remove the safety lock. It’s a pepper concoction designated to stop the bear from charging toward you, causing temporary irritation in the eyes and the upper respiratory tract. 

Just keep in mind that picking a fight unless your personal safety is at risk isn’t worth it. If a curious bear is sniffing around and knocks some stuff over, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Or if a frustrated bear is tearing up your hammock, it’s not an item that can’t be repurchased. Respecting wildlife and learning more about it can help people enjoy bear country safely and minimize animal-human conflict. 

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The fact that the friend endangered everyone’s lives didn’t sit right with the readers

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