Woman Shares A Life-Saving Tip That Helped Her Find Cheaper Medication For Her Pet

Our pets are members of the family. And just like every other member of the family, we would do anything for them. But unfortunately, just like humans, when our pets become ill, they can quickly rack up exorbitant medical bills. From visits to the vet to the antibiotics they need to cure any infections, taking care of pets can cost a pretty penny. Thanks to one cat owner, however, many parents of fur babies have recently learned a great money-saving tip to help take care of their precious pets.

Two weeks ago, Legacy_d on TikTok shared a video detailing how she was able to save $90 on her cat’s medication after her veterinarian let her in on a little secret. Below, you’ll find her full explanation, that will hopefully save you big bucks the next time your pet is feeling under the weather, as well as an interview between Legacy and Bored Panda and some of the responses viewers have left on her video. Let us know in the comments if you have any other life-saving tips for how to keep your pets safe and healthy without breaking the bank, and then if you’re interested in another article featuring advice from vets, check out this story next! 

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After learning how to save big bucks on her cat’s medication, this pet owner shared advice online to help others do the same

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You can hear her full explanation right here

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Bored Panda reached out to Legacy on TikTok, and she expressed her joy about this video being helpful for so many pet owners. “I am so unbelievably happy that my post reached so many people,” she shared. “I’ve read a lot of comments saying this info has saved their animals and released them from their stress of debt.”

“That was my only goal when posting this and it absolutely warms my heart knowing it’s helped,” Legacy told Bored Panda. “I would also like to add that the emotion behind my frustration is only geared towards vets who withhold this information and force technicians to gate keep. I appreciate every single person in the field whose heart is in it for the right reasons and truly cares about animals and their owners. It’s a job I could never do, and I applaud them for doing so.”

We all know medical treatment and prescriptions can be wildly expensive for humans, but animals are no exception. A routine veterinary checkup for your furry friend can cost between $50-$250, and most general veterinary care costs up to $500. Having pets can greatly benefit our lives, by bringing us joy and companionship, but unfortunately, we can’t all afford to house an animal and ensure that it stays happy and healthy. 

On average, dog owners spend between $1,500-$2,000 on their fur babies during the first year of having them, from providing food to buying toys to paying for vaccinations and vet visits, so any unexpected costs can be extremely overwhelming. And as Legacy mentioned in her video, many pet owners simply cannot take the financial burden and are sometimes forced to rehome their animals to ensure they are properly provided for. One 2021 study of American pet owners found that nearly 28% of them experienced barriers when trying to get veterinary care, primarily due to financial reasons. 

And while animals are intended to have at least one visit to the vet a year, for a checkup and to keep vaccinations up to date, sociologist Arnold Arluke, author of Underdogs: Pets, People and Poverty estimates that 66% of pets in low income households have never been to a vet. Just like we need our biannual dentist visits and our children need to see a pediatrician once a year, our pets need to have their health taken care of as well. And finances being the sole reason for loving owners to have to rehome their pets is just devastating. It should not cost an arm and a leg every time Oreo needs to take an antibiotic or has an injured paw.

Legacy’s video has resonated with many pet owners, and hopefully it will help you save some money as well. But if you’re concerned about how expensive medication and medical bills might be for your current or future pets, be sure to always do your research before paying $100 for amoxicillin or $300 for a vet checkup. It might also be wise to look into pet insurance, if you can afford the upfront costs, or seek assistance from vet charities such as the UK’s PDSA. Let us know in the comments below if you have any more helpful tips that might save another pet’s life (or their owner’s wallet), and then if you’re looking for even more advice for taking care of your beloved furry, scaly or feathery babies, you can find more advice from vets right here!         

Fellow pet owners shared their appreciation for the video and added even more money-saving tips in the comments

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