Woman Shares Entertaining Story Of How Her Mom Accidentally Adopted A Wolf-Husky Hybrid That Turned Out To Be The Most Wholesome Dog Ever

People definitely love dog stories. All these narratives of cute fluffy doggos whose owners like to dress them in various fancy clothes, take pictures with them in cars and on walks, come up with funny photo stories… Well, there will be nothing like this in this particular story. And actually, this one is not quite about the dog.

Let’s make it clear – our story is about a relatively long time ago, when in the mid-’80s, the parents of the Original Poster, getting married after six years of dating, decided to get a dog together.

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So this story, which got over 81K various reactions on a Tumblr blog, goes back to 1987, before the OP was born. Her mother’s parents had always loved animals, so at the time of the wedding, OP’s mother already had her own dog, which passed away due to illness. And that’s when the couple decided to go to a shelter and adopt a new dog.

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The original poster’s parents got married in 1987 and immediately decided to adopt a dog together

Image credits: Tim Weller (not the actual photo)

In the shelter, they were immediately offered not just a dog, but a Special Dog, for experienced owners, and even on favorable terms. In general, the dog – as much as 100 pounds of canine – was called Mazel, and she immediately won the hearts of her new owners. And then stranger things began…

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The dog’s name was Mazel and she behaved rather strangely, opening the latches and hunting squirrels without any barking

In a couple of minutes, Mazel learned how to open the latches on any doors in the house. Then OP’s mom found out she practically did not bark – but quite successfully hunted squirrels, and brought them to her as trophies of sorts.

Image credits: gallusrostromegalus

Finally, OP’s parents decided to take Mazel to the vet

Mazel knew all the commands pretty well, but she always took some time to think it over before obeying. In general, the owners decided to take her to the vet – just to check if everything was all right with her.

The vet, Dr. Hamada, walked into the waiting room, dropped his clipboard, and asked, “Where the hell did you get a wolf?”

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Image credits: gallusrostromegalus

Mazel turned out to be a hybrid of a wolf and a husky, so the vet warned she should be kept away from little kids

Mazel turned out to be a hybrid of a wolf and, probably, a husky. Dr. Hamada, noting that OP’s parents had a lot of experience, was not opposed to them keeping her, but warned that the wolfdog should be kept away from little kids…

And two years later, mother got pregnant…

Image credits: gallusrostromegalus

The wolfdog accepted a new baby as her own tiny puppy

In general, when the OP as a tiny kid was brought home, Mazel immediately accepted her with delight as a newborn puppy – and assumed the responsibility of taking care of her. Mazel slept under the crib, helped the girl learn to walk by clinging to her thick fur – and one day, Dr. Hamada was horrified to see how the girl stuck her head right into Mazel’s mouth to look at her teeth.

Image credits: gallusrostromegalus

Mazel easily won school Pet Day competitions

In general, Mazel grew up with OP, and later helped raising her younger sister. Of course, the girls had to comb out a huge amount of hair, make sure that she did not open the fridge and did not eat everything that was there – but on the other hand, she won school Pet Day competitions easily, and accompanied the sisters to and from school with a great pleasure.

Image credits: Tim Weller (not the actual photo)

When Mazel was 17 years old, OP’s parents decided to make some repairs in the house, and the workers had to appease the wolfdog with hamburgers every day – until they saw how OP’s little sister easily handled that “terrible beast”.

Image credits: gallusrostromegalus

Mazel peacefully passed away at the age of 19

Mazel ended up living to the age of 19. As the OP notes herself, Death, just in case, decided to wait for her to fall asleep so that the wolfdog would not take away his scythe, mistaking it for a chewing toy…

Image credits: gallusrostromegalus

Of course, we are not sure any of you have such a story in your memory, but dogs are so amazing as each of them is deeply individual and is an inexhaustible source of great stories. So feel free to tell yours and we bet these stories will be just aMAZELing.

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