Woman Shows How She Deals With Creeps Who Pretend They’re Interested In Buying Shoes Just To See Her Legs

How many stacks of shoes are sitting in the corner of your room waiting to be taken for one last stroll in the park before they go to footwear heaven? This savvy woman decided to give her shoes a second chance and sell them on Marketplace. But not so fast!

“This girl wasn’t born yesterday.” The woman knows the internet might be a weird place and she decided to keep her feet out of sight. Lucky her, the doggo agreed to help and guess who’s gonna be America’s Next Top Dog Model! Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with the lady behind this idea to see what she has to say about it!

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This woman shared her crazy (yet smart) idea with people online

Doggy leg day!

Bored Panda contacted the woman and asked where she got the idea. “I asked my boyfriend first, but he wasn’t keen and his feet are too big. My boy dog is so chilled, so I thought I’d see if he’d let me put the shoes on him. He did.”

“My dog is always happy to help. He wouldn’t stand there and let me take a quick snap if he didn’t want to. My other dog certainly wouldn’t let me, she’s less laid back and knows her own mind.”

The lady told us that she was uncomfortable with guys asking her to send pictures of herself wearing the shoes. “I first encountered guys messaging me for photos of me wearing the shoes I was selling when I used eBay. I did oblige in the beginning as I didn’t realize it wasn’t innocent, but as soon as I did send a photo of them being worn, the requests would get bolder, asking me to wear stockings, asking if the shoes smelled, etc.”

One day she realized these requests might not be as innocent as they look. “I soon realized what was happening and stopped sending extra pics. When I started selling on Marketplace I got more messages. Always the same type of message, ‘They are wanting to buy them for a gift for their girlfriend,’ I mean, who buys second hand shoes for their girlfriend?”

Here’s the woman’s advice to girls selling their shoes online

“I would just say that I’m not kink-shaming, but if you don’t want to be involved in their kink, then don’t send the photos they request. Of course, there’s plenty of porn out there for this kind of thing, but there were some Redditors who commented who said they had foot and shoe fetish, they said that procuring images by stealth, from unsuspecting, everyday women was actually part of the thrill. So, if you’re cool with it, go ahead. If not, don’t send photos.”

Did the doggy feet help to boost sales? Unfortunately, not really. “It shuts those sales down straight away. The guys never reply, funnily enough.”

And that’s what people had to say about it

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Source: boredpanda.com

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