Woman Tells The Man She’s Dating She Had Cancer, And It Escalates Terribly

Instead of taking this story as a sign that humanity is devolving, think of it as proof that you’re its advanced counterpart. Vix from Canada was dating a guy, and everything seemed well. Until she decided to open up a bit more. You see, she had cancer, has been in remission for six and a half years now and even though she’s cured, the illness still casts a shadow over her. This confession, however, wasn’t something her date was expecting. And his reaction wasn’t something she was expecting, either. Basically, the guy demanded proof that he won’t catch it. And articles by the American Cancer Society, saying that cancer is NOT contagious weren’t enough.

“We met on a dating app, and had dated a year before, stopped dating, and then he reached out again to give him another chance, and we had just gone out again once,” Vix told Bored Panda.

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“This was the first time [I met] someone [who] thought they could catch it but I’ve had others who just wouldn’t call or text back once I’ve told them. It’s ok. I get that it’s a scary subject.”

Vix thinks that this happened because of fear. “Cancer makes people think about death and we live in a society that puts life before everything,” she added. “Cancer can touch so many people, hearing the word can bring feelings of grief which is the most powerful emotion that humans can feel. After all, it’s the price we pay for love.”

And even though she has “blocked and deleted” the guy from her life immediately, Vix doesn’t think it’s something that deserves a lot of attention. “He’s was a nice guy, we had lots in common and great talks. I don’t wish him any ill will, just not the man for me.”

She believes that everyone is misinformed about something, this just happens to be one topic this particular person doesn’t know much about. “No time for hate, that’s giving him way too much power.”

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A healthy person can’t “catch” cancer from someone who has it, and let’s hope the same goes for stupidity

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