Woman Texts Boss That She’s Going To Be Late For Work, And He Has Best Response Ever

If you’re asking your boss for a favor it’s better to be honest about it. When Jenn had found herself running late for work for the first time in years, she texted her superior in advance. After she explained the situation, however, he responded in a way that probably surprised the whole company. To better understand where it came from, you need a little background information about Jenn and her work ethic.

“This lady has been with the company for about 8 years,” the boss wrote. “This was the first time Jenn has been late in nearly six years. She missed work one other time in her nearly eight-year career with us, and that was when her son had his wisdom teeth removed about nine months into her employment.”

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This time, she was late eleven minutes. “Not too terrible, if you’re asking me,” the boss added. “She’s also a very sweet older lady that the guys in the office call ‘Mom.’ Jenn also calls herself ‘Mom’ in company emails, etc. She fully embraces the name and has done so since her last child left for college almost five years ago.”

Now that you know know what kind of employee Jenn is, you’re ready for her and her boss’ exchange. Scroll down to check out why she was late and what answer she got.

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The boss wanted to add a few more details



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