Woman Unintentionally Makes An Oasis At Her Backyard

Jennifer George wanted to have a closer look on the animals that she saw by her window, and so she set up an outdoor camera in 2019. One day, George noticed a family of coyote pups from her outdoor camera, and noting that that day was a hot one, she decided to set up some water for them. Little did she know that not only will she help those coyotes, but also other animals as well.

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“It started with just a metal bowl of water,” George told The Dodo. “We thought that would be a harmless way to get [the animals] in front of the camera. That brought birds at first — mostly scrub jays. Then other animals started showing up, and I wanted to improve the accommodations for them and bought a bigger bowl and a solar fountain.”

George’s makeshift fountain has quickly become a gathering place for feathered, furry and scaly creatures alike.

Visitors range from a snake going for a swim to a family of quail taking a bath, as well as turkey vultures, long-tailed weasels, skunks, coyotes and bobcats.

“The birds particularly like the moving water, especially hummingbirds,” George said. “Right now I’m hoping to see this year’s coyote puppies — we saw a pregnant female a few weeks ago.”

So wholesome.

(Image Credit: Jennifer George/ The Dodo)

Source: neatorama

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