Woman’s Jacket Placement On Plane Sparks Heated Debate About Flight Etiquette

Long flights and seatback TV screens are a match made in heaven. While some passengers use in-flight entertainment to soothe their nerves or pass the time, others prefer to monitor the plane’s route on the map, anxiously counting the minutes until they reach their destinations. 

Recently, a Delta passenger decided that not everyone should have the privilege of enjoying their small seatback screen.

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Taking to Reddit, user u/WheatlyWoodson shared a photo of a flier‘s fur-lined jacket covering someone else’s entire touchscreen. “Ready to get triggered?” they wrote on Friday (April 12).

The Redditor provided more information about the unpleasant experience, saying the jacket belonged to a “veeery old woman” who was “wheelchair’d onto the plane.”

A Delta passenger had their TV screen covered by another flyer’s jacket during a 4-hour flight

Image credits: r/delta

“She was with a family member (probably a son), and it took two airport employees to carry her into the middle seat. I actually had to leave my row to give them space to maneuver.

“Then, her family member proceeded to make it more comfortable for her by putting her gigantic jacket over the seat, resulting in what you saw here.”

As u/WheatlyWoodson explained, their seat companion didn’t complain about the situation despite it occurring during a 4-hour flight.

The Reddit user added: “I do wish the FA had said something because this is a situation where no one is going to say anything to a very old lady. But I also feel bad for the middle pax for being in an awkward situation.”

“Most people don’t actually confront people.”

The Redditor who snapped the photo said nobody dared to complain, as the jacket belonged to an elderly woman

Image credits: Pexels/ Daniel Shapiro

People quickly took to the comments to express their opinions on the matter, sharing how they would’ve responded to the uncomfortable situation.

“Yeah, maybe I’m just an a**hole, but old lady or not, I don’t discriminate against speaking up,” someone wrote.

Another Redditor agreed with this view, saying that, as long as people keep a polite tone, there’s nothing wrong about asking for what they deserve. “Why should it be wrong to ask nicely?” they wrote.

Others would’ve simply taken matters into their own hands. “I’d have just moved it,” a separate individual commented. 

“Toss it over their head and access my IFE,” someone else suggested.

“Old lady or not, I don’t discriminate against speaking up,” someone wrote in response

Image credits: Pexels/ Daniel Frese

A flight attendant shared how she reacts when faced with a similar situation. “I will say something and ask the passenger to move their jacket, even offer to put it in the overhead bin for them. A lot of people don’t like confrontation especially if she is elderly but I have no problem doing it for them,” she wrote.

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“As a[n] FA, please tell me,” an additional Redditor chimed in. “A lot of the time, they don’t realize it’s covering the monitor. People go through life in their own bubble. Let me help them realize they’re not the only ones on the planet.”

People shared how they would’ve reacted to the awkward situation

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