Women Are Comparing Their Side Of The Bed Vs. Their Boyfriends’, And People Find The Similarities Between Men Hilarious

If there’s a sacred little place we fully dedicate to ourselves in the house, it must be our side of the bed. The contents of it speak more than thousands of words, and I wouldn’t be surprised if an AI algorithm would create spot-on human profiles based on how one’s bedside looks. After all, it’s where the good, the bad, and the ugly bits from our daily lives come to rest.

And one Twitter user, @hannystyles69, took it a step further by taking a picture of not one, but two bedsides. One, it’s her orderly and aesthetically pleasing little corner accompanied by a hemp hand creme and a nice read for evenings, and the other is her boyfriend’s bedside.

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People on Twitter needed no further explanation, since the side-by-side comparison was profoundly telling. The post went viral with 647.3K likes and 40.5K retweets and the new post trend was born. “My side of the bed vs my bf’s side of the bed” not only reflects the stark difference between men and women, but it also personifies the ensued hilarity we share in this world.

From makeshift toothbrush chargers to Himalayan salt lamps, no one dares to criticize your holy bedtime setup. Except, of course, your other half.

This Twitter user shared a snap of her bedside  vs her boyfriend’s and it immediately went viral

Image credits: hannystyles69

Image credits: hannystyles69

Bored Panda reached out to the Twitter user @hannystyles69 who is behind the viral “My side of the bed vs my bf’s side of the bed” thread. Hannystyles69 shared a side-by-side comparison of her bedside and her boyfriend’s two days ago and received 40.6k retweets and 10.4k quote tweets.

More women shared pictures of very similar-looking bedside setups

Image credits: chloewintaz

Image credits: SimmiJuss

Image credits: yoursonbeth

The thread’s author told us that the idea for the thread came as she was setting up her things on her nightstand after she had just moved in. “I walked over and realized what my boyfriend’s side of the bed looked like,” hannystyles69 said. “I think it’s funny how I like to have so many unnecessary items to make me feel happy and he just needed those three simple things,” she added.

Image credits: romanbeltran_

Turns out, hannystyles69 had no idea the thread was going to go this viral, “but after I took the pictures, I showed my boyfriend and we both laughed about it for a long time so I decided to tweet it.”

When asked whether you can tell how a person is based on their bedside table, the thread’s author assured us that she absolutely doesn’t think so. “My boyfriend and I have very similar personalities, just with very different items we sleep next to.”

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And everyone is finding the photos totally hilarious

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Image credits: shirdeer

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Image credits: FraggleBatches

Some men felt ‘personally attacked’ and shared their own snaps of their bedsides

Image credits: Qcconfidential

Image credits: Kampico

Image credits: fel_adriane

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But it turns out, there are men who don’t fit the stereotype

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And this is why it’s sometimes great being single

Image credits: lucycsh

As great as having a dog…

Image credits: _CeeJay_7

And someone has perfectly summed up this whole thread

Image credits: thebronzey

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