Women Are Sharing Screenshots Of The Rudest Texts They’ve Received From Men For This New TikTok Trend (38 Pics)

From trashy one-liners to unsolicited nude pics, it’s no secret that women receive a lot of questionable content from men they never asked for.

In fact, a study showed that 1 in 4 millennial men (27%) have sent a “d-pic” to a woman. Moreover, of millennial men who have sent a lewd photo, 24% have done so without being asked.

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And while not every man pushes the chat with a woman that far, the rude texts they dare to press “send” come in all shapes. Like, being a jerk and telling a woman she’s ugly, manipulating her, or using misogyny. It’s obvious that way too many women are forced to face such disrespect on a daily basis.

And thanks to women on TikTok, who decided to expose such cases by sharing the rudest texts they ever received from men, this awful problem is finally put into the spotlight and makes us rethink what’s normal and what’s not in men texting women.

#1 At Least He Had A Plan

Image credits: hanlip3737

#2 When Why Is He Asking For Them

Image credits: scemobimbo

#3 I Just Found This At The Bottom Of My Tinder Messages Im Going To Peeeeeeee

Image credits: amantits

#4 After A Phone Conversation/ Argument. I Wish I Was Joking

Image credits: Charlotte Lion

#5 But It’s All Love So It’s Fine

Image credits: bellamwhite

#6 All I Did Was Go Out With A Dude I Met On Tinder

Image credits: vapegodkate

#7 I Honestly Didn’t Even Know How To Respond To This

Image credits: 0fficial_kennedy

#8 And They Say Romance Is Dead?

Image credits: lekhaluu

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#9 True Love

Image credits: sillytat

#10 Reality Of Dating In 2020

Image credits: kersten.hovis

#11 This Man Rlly Called Me Out Like That

Image credits: g_sherbo

#12 Oh No

Image credits: therealthotslayer

#13 For Context This Was Two Years Ago

Image credits: twilliiiiiii

#14 Man Has Game

Image credits: okbuticookgoodmacncheese

#15 Thought I Would Hop On The Trend

Image credits: sam.case.10

#16 The Right Idea…?

Image credits: saintswante

#17 Sorry Ladies He’s All Mine

Image credits: weewooguru

#18 I Was Scared

Image credits: 222notputa

#19 That’s On Having Gorg Friends I Guess

Image credits: annabellagofis

#20 #chivalryisntdead

Image credits: mi1fl0v3rs

#21 Please It’s 90° And I Posted In My Bathing Suit Bye

Image credits: www.fbgm.comm

#22 Really Can’t Make This Up

Image credits: alex.karinax

#23 Let’s Pray Nobody From My School Sees This Especially Him

Image credits: gocommitdieplz

#24 Such A Romantic

Image credits: eviierog

#25 Kinda Clever Tho

Image credits: brileyburnham_2

#26 This Was A New One

Image credits: shaquallahill

#27 I Know Rodby Ain’t Talking

Image credits: salemshalloweencostume

#28 Men

Image credits: rachelweaverr

#29 Tr4nny Tingz

Image credits: camerongraggg

#30 Absolutely Love Tinder Thanks To Alex

Image credits: dumpsterfirehailey

#31 I Told My Mom About Us

Image credits: pssymedievalpssysquire

#32 Texts From Ex

Image credits: laurenbovio

#33 Men On Tinder

Image credits: malgal19

#34 Hellll No

Image credits: kale_kil

#35 Oh He’s Definitely Punched A Wall Before

Image credits: elsa.pdf

#36 A Woke King That Asks First

Image credits: lizbizko

#37 Wtf

Image credits: rosie.skye

#38 No Coming Back From This One Brother

Image credits: slightlydrvnk

Source: boredpanda.com

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