Women Are Showing Their Partners How Tampons Work And All The Men Are Absolutely Stunned

The sad reality is, not everyone paid attention in biology and sex ed class. So some people are ignorant about even some basic biological things like how tampons work (and they might be too shy or embarrassed to ask anyone to explain everything to them properly now). Not to worry!

An educational TikTok video challenge is going viral where women are showing their partners how tampons work. Their reactions? Full of astonishment and shrieks. Priceless. You can see how shocked they are when they finally realize this is something that women have to do for a week every month. Keep in mind that the videos aren’t 100 percent accurate, but they’re dramatic and educational.

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Check out some of the best challenge videos below and let us know what you think of them in the comment section. If you want to, share your own experience when you learned how tampons worked and let us know if there’s anything related to human biology that you’d want to know more about but never got the chance to ask women or men about.

TikTok users are taking part in a challenge where they show men how tampons actually work

Image credits: thedemeryfamily22

The video by the Demery Family got over 31.6 million views and is the most widely known entry into the challenge. You can watch the full clip right here

@thedemeryfamily22His reaction is priceless😂 #cutecouple #pregnant #prego #viral #InLove #couplegoals #trend #tampon♬ original sound – Kolby&Jas❤

One of the most viral tampon demonstration videos belongs to the Demery Family who have a TikTok account with over 320.8k followers. Their video got a whopping 7.8 million likes, was reshared nearly 274k times, and was viewed more than 31.6 million times.

The fact that the video got so much attention proves that there’s more guys out there who didn’t know how tampons work in the first place.

And this just goes to show that TikTok really can be an educational force to be reckoned with (even though it might choose not to most of the time) if used right.

Other TikTok users pitched in with their own videos and, like you could have expected, a lot of men were stunned to see how tampons absorb menstrual blood. The challenge also made a lot of guys feel more empathy toward their partners because they saw how much the tampon expands inside of them. The more you know.

While we’re pretty sure a lot of these reactions are genuine, others seem to be at least partly staged. Anything to make the topic more approachable and educational though, right?

Most men are completely shocked by the ‘revelation.’ Another TikTok user shared a video of how her husband reacted to seeing how tampons work

Image credits: mrshillery829

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@mrshillery829Of course I had to make my husband do this! I will forever call tampons “vagina parachutes”! LMAO!! #tamponchallenge #husbandpranks #funny #fyp♬ original sound – Rachel Hillery

While another one wanted to see how her boyfriend would react to something we should have all learned in sex ed class

Image credits: paulinat

@paulinatshowing him how a tampôn works😭 @fabioguerrrraa♬ original sound – Pau Torres 🙂

Meanwhile, Amani absolutely shocked her boyfriend, who even let out a small scream

Image credits: amanialzubi

@amanialzubishowing my boyfriend how a tampon works 🤣😳❤ ( @originalisrael ) #comedy #couple #couplegoals #foryou #trend #tiktok♬ original sound – amani & israel

Another TikTok user enlightened her best friend about tampons and the reaction was priceless

Image credits: ryleymick

@ryleymicki just got don’t going through a breakdown so i asked veedz if he could cheer me up by reacting to how a tampon works luv u @nolan.veeder♬ Stuck In The Middle – Tai Verdes

This husband’s face says it all, but it proves that sex ed classes need to be far more educational than they are now

Image credits: thekelleyfamily

@thekelleyfamilylmaoooo why 😂😭 #tamponchallenge #trend #hilariouscomedy #couple #married #foryoupage #fyp #xyzbca♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov

This woman also took the time to educate her boyfriend about basic sex ed and tampons

Image credits: iyanna.and.shacorey

@iyanna.and.shacoreyHis reaction 😂 #fyp #funny #viral #couples #foryou #followme #youtube #tampon #tamponchallenge @iyannaaa.rose♬ original sound – I & Shac 💙💙

As did another woman with her husband

Image credits: rainneyandneen

@rainneyandneen“Ooohh that’s so crazzzyyy” 😂 #tampon #tamponchallenge #couple #marriedcouple #couplegoals #relationship #couples #reaction #couplecomedy♬ Cooking – Oleg Kirilkov

This woman’s boyfriend couldn’t believe what he was seeing

Image credits: gabiandarnold

@gabiandarnoldHIS REACTION 😂🤣 #learnontiktok #tamponchallenge #hisreaction #boyfriend #girlfriend♬ drivers license – Olivia Rodrigo

This is what some internet users said about the tampon challenge and how it could be improved, as well as what this says about the quality of sex ed classes in school

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