Women Share Texts From Men That They Were Dating To Show How Quickly They Change Their Opinions

When you start dating someone and are just getting to know them, it often takes time to fully understand the type of person they are and if the two of you have the same definition of love. After all, not everyone is an open book. Or is willing to treat you with respect.

A recent TikTok trend has women sharing the texts they received from a guy when they first started seeing each other versus the ones they got after a few months (or in some cases even weeks) when the initial excitement wore off.

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Dating is hard, people. Hopefully, these conversations will remind you to always keep your guard up.

21-year-old student Cadigan Smith who goes to the University of Michigan was dating a guy for several months and everything seemed fine

But one day she received an unexpected text from him

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Cadigan told BuzzFeed that, “he never wanted to officially ‘date,’ but, at least to my knowledge, we were exclusive and always hung out.”

“That probably should have been a red flag in and of itself, though, because one day he flipped the script saying he wasn’t attracted to my body anymore and that we should not be seeing each other anymore in case he could not get hard. Which I would totally be fine with — not everybody has to be/stay attracted to me — we are only human. I am not attracted to every guy. But the precedent he set was that he was very much attracted to me,” she said.

The woman also thought his wording was very poor, “especially in his follow-up text, where he said if I’m ever out to ‘hit him up,’” which is actually the main reason why Cadigan finds his whole approach mean.

“That was his rather, uh, creative, way of dumping me,” she said.

People found the whole situation appalling

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And more women joined the trend, like this one who saw a guy’s act last just 11 days

Then there was one who found his person but changed his mind soon after

This guy was going to fall in love with his ‘soulmate’ but then fell right out of it

Not to mention the one who had no intentions of cheating… For a whole 5 days

The trend also showed what happens when ‘nice guys’ get rejected

And completely change their tone

As for Cadigan, the man she was dating contacted her one more time

Only it was her who had the last laugh

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