‘Wood You Mind’ Imbues a Charming Cast of Chiseled Characters with Exuberance and Whimsy

Small, wooden sculptures of a burger and fries. Each has an endearing face, and is painted vibrantly.

All images © Parn Aniwat

A beaming fast-food duo, rotund stegosaurus, and shy alpaca are among the large cast of playful characters crafted by Parn Aniwat (previously). Working out of his studio in Texas, Aniwat, a.k.a Wood You Mind, carefully chisels each figure from wood, slowly but surely unearthing every character’s distinct features. Each personality is brought to life with vivid washes of acrylic paint, detailing endearing faces, sprightly attire, and a whimsical aura.

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Aniwat sells the adorable figures on Etsy, and keep an eye on Instagram for news about releases and commission opportunities. Watch small snippets of his process on YouTube


Small, wooden sculpture of a peacock with vibrant, rainbow feathers.

Small, wooden sculpture of a plump stegosaurus painted a bright turquoise color with yellow scales on its back.

Small, wooden sculpture of two figures sitting next to each other. One has blue hair, and one is blonde. Both characters don the same white shirt with a small red heart.

Small, wooden sculptures of a pink donut with sprinkles and a coffee cup wearing a scarf.

Small, wooden sculptures of marine animals, vibrantly painted. A turquoise whale, yellow polka-dot shark, a rainbow whale, and a blue shark smiling are arranged in a grid.

Small, wooden sculpture of an alpaca with blushing cheeks and curly fur.

Small, wooden sculpture of a figure with flowing, rainbow hair and a polka dot shirt.

A cast of small wooden sculptures, each figure having a distinct personality. All are painted with colorful washes of acrylic.

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