wooden wave

A couple that paints murals together, stays together! These pieces are the work of Wooden Wave… aka Matthew and Roxanne Ortiz. Born and raised in Hawaii, they now work together to create fun, colorful, artwork that not only makes drab walls wonderful, they also use their work to spread a little sustainable love:

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“Frequently using treehouses as their subject matter, the art of Wooden Wave presents a whimsical take on the notion of the sustainably integrated community. The treehouse, as a symbol, exudes a nostalgic sense of possibility and represents the ultimate icon for adventure. But beyond the obvious romanticism of a dwelling built in the canopy, the inclusion of solar panels, water catchment, aquaponics, and green roof systems make each composition relevant to the environmental issues of today.”

I haven’t seen any of their work since I’ve been here, but I am definitely keeping my eyes open!

Source: thejealouscurator

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