Woodmere Avenue: Britain’s Infamous Width Restriction Keeps Wrecking Cars

A clearance of seven feet should be wide enough for most vehicles to pass through, but apparently, not for some. As these videos reveal, many drivers have a hard time navigating through a series of bollards installed on a section of the Woodmere Avenue in Watford, UK.

Back in 1980, the local government put a width restriction of seven feet on the Woodmere Avenue to prevent cars from “rat-running through the residential estate.” Over the decades this section of the road has seen numerous crashes executed by incompetent drivers attempting to rush through when careful driving was required. Countless vehicles have got stuck in between the bollards, some requiring the service of a digger to get free. Others have had their tires ripped off.

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The width restriction on Woodmere Avenue. Photo: Google Street View

Source: amusingplanet.com

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