Woodworking Charities We Love and Contribute to

Every year Lucy and I give what we can to a variety of charities. We are picky. Lucy has spent most of her career covering the societal safety net here in Cincinnati. She knows these charities inside and out.

She has taught me to be careful as well. We do our research. And look at the records that charities file each year (here’s a primer).

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The following woodworking organizations are ones I have supported for years with my dollars. If you are interested in supporting charitable woodworking organizations, here are some to consider.

I know that some of you will try to look for a political message in these choices. There is none. I will do anything to open the doors for anyone who wants to enter the craft. The best way to ensure the survival of our craft is to widen the net. 

Roger Cliffe Memorial Foundation

I have supported this foundation, which is affiliated with the Marc Adams School of Woodworking, for 20 years. The foundation funds a variety of scholarships, from strictly need-based to military to young woodworkers. 


Based in the UK, Pathcarvers offers hands-on training for a variety of students, including those in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, those using mental health services, low-income families and prisons. You can help fund their work through the Kieran Binnie Fund for Craft, a fund that we helped launch with Jojo Wood and Sean, her husband.

Purple Heart Project

Run by Rob Cosman, the Purple Heart Project provides woodworking training to wounded veterans. You can donate via this page. All donations go 100 percent to help veterans. 

A Workshop of Our Own

A Baltimore-based workshop program that provides training and support for woodworkers who are women or non-gender conforming. WOO offers a wide variety of courses and Open Shop Hours. You can donate here.

Would Works

This Los Angeles-based organization provides training and work for people experiencing homelessness or poverty. People in the program make a variety of objects for sale in the Would Works store. You can donate here.

The Chairmaker’s Toolbox

This organization helps support new chairmakers and toolmakers who have traditionally been excluded from the craft because of their gender, race or other factors. We sponsored a scholarship class here this year and will hold another class in 2023. You can donate money or tools here.

Friends of the Florida School of Woodwork

This charity funds a variety of woodworking scholarships based on financial need or other factors. You can donate here.

Tillers International

This unique organization provides good-sense training to farmers all over the world. They offer classes in everything from managing draft animals to blacksmithing to timber-framing. The classes are both here and abroad. You can donate here.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

— Christopher Schwarz

Source: lostartpress.com

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