Woodworking, Music & Loss

If you visit my shop unannounced, the first thing that happens is this: I turn down the thundering stereo so I can hear what the hell you’re saying.

I try to keep my passion for music to a minimum here on the blog. But sometimes, all the pieces seem to fit, and I allow myself to slip. 

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This is one of those posts.

John Moreland is one of my favorite artists. Based in Eastern Oklahoma, we share a lot of the same ground (I’m from Northwest Arkansas). Moreland came up through heavy metal bands, then did an about-face to become one of the most promising Americana singer-songwriters I’ve heard.

His songs are impossibly sad, as the best songs are, and are suited for listening during a late-night drive down the Kentucky AA highway. Mountains, country darkness and a humid breeze in your face.

The song that prompted this blog entry is “Cherokee,” from his outstanding “High on Tulsa Heat” album. I don’t much care for music videos, but fellow Chair Chat citizen Klaus Skrudland insisted I make an exception for this one. 

I’m glad he did. 

Now back to the normal woodworking-plus-the-odd-animal-reference content.

— Christopher Schwarz

Source: lostartpress.com

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