“Work For A Millennial”: Millennial Boss Surprises Employee With Incredibly Understanding Reply To Her Criticism

“Living for the weekend,” “watching the clock tick,” “coming here just for the paycheck.” These are some of the most common phrases in offices across the globe.

With only 21% of employees engaged at work, most say that they don’t find what they do meaningful, don’t think their lives are going well, and don’t feel hopeful about their future.

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Luckily for realtor and TikTok user Kristen (@drowningabovewater94), her boss is looking out for her. She realized it after she sent the woman an honest email about feeling undermined, and received a pleasantly surprising response.

In fact, it made her so happy that Kristen even shared it online, praising her superior for acting like a true leader.

Kristen has worked for Boomers and Gen X, but now she can’t believe how different her Millennial superior is compared to the older bosses

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Everything started when she penned an honest email to the lady, professionally criticizing the way she handled a particular situation

“I have worked for a narcissistic psychotic Boomer and I have also worked for a narcissistic psychotic Gen X. I, recently, like, in the end of November started working for a millennial like me. I’m going to be 29 in April and I think she’ll be like 35 or 36 this year, so she’s not too much older than me. We are still both millennials. She is still my senior. “

Image source: drowningabovewater94

Kristen didn’t know what response she would receive

“I wrote her an email, I’m a realtor, and I wrote an email to her very professionally, very courteously just stating, ‘Hey, while I do appreciate you commenting those things to the client, blah, blah, blah, I do feel that you were undermining me and it could damage my relationship with these clients. I CC’d you on this email as a courtesy, at a professional courtesy but really, I didn’t have to. And you know, like, if you have things to say, I prefer you to say them to me rather than to the client.’”

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So she was over the moon to find out it was an incredibly understanding one

“This is her email in response. I was shaking in my boots. Even though I stand by everything that I said and I stood up for myself, my relationship with my bosses have been with these other generations. This was her response, okay: ‘I see your point and I apologize. I apologize for the way I approached that. I did not mean to undermine you in any way. For future emails that I am CC’d in, I won’t reply unless I’m addressed to or asked a direct question. I apologize for the way that I approached that and I have 100% trust in you in the way that you are handling this file. The clients have been great clients for me and I may be a little too attached because of it. I definitely need to learn to let go and trust. I also appreciate your email and I appreciate you writing to address the way you felt right away, instead of keeping it inside.’”

Image source: drowningabovewater94

“This is a boss. This is how you communicate with your employees. This is how you take accountability. This is how you address professionally… Like, I was gobsmacked at this email. The professional courtesy, the acknowledgement of wrong, the respecting of my boundaries, like, this should be the norm. This should be how work communication goes and it’s not. And it is so refreshing. Work for a millennial. Oh, my god. Gen Z, even better.”

Her TikTok praising the Millennial boss quickly went viral

@lizzietilia #duet with @drowningabovewater94 #Stitch ♬ original sound – Kristen

And people are really happy for both of them

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