World Record Stack of Waffles

Today was a momentous day in Denver. Spencer McCullough and Cory Trimm invited all their friends and a few professionals to attempt the Guinness World Record for waffle stacking. Elizabeth Hernandez of the Denver Post was dispatched to cover the event. She is preparing a proper article for the Post, but first posted a Twitter thread as the event unfolded.

The previous record was 51 centimeters. Guinness sent a 40-page document with their rules for waffle-stacking, including a long and precise definition of “waffle.” Friends flew in from out of town, and total strangers joined the fun. Hernandez’ enthusiasm grew as time went along, and you have to wonder how grim her other assignments are.

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The stack was 67 centimeters! You can witness the drama unfold in her Twitter thread.  

-via Metafilter

Update: Here’s a threadreader version if you prefer that to Twitter, and the Denver Post story has been published.

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