World's Most Hilarious Sleeper Car?

The Chevrolet Sprint, which some of you may know as the Suzuki Swift, the Geo Metro or the Subaru Justy, was a dinky little econobox from the ’80s, produced by Suzuki and re-badged by GM and other brands. It had a 3-cylinder engine and produced just over 50 horsepower. My buddy had one in college. I drove it once and it was awful.

95 Octane spotted this ’88 Sprint for sale on eBay—for $35,000. 

Why such a high asking price? And hey, what’s up with those suspiciously large rear wheels?

Well, turns out this particular Sprint is special. As Hot Rod magazine reveals, a North-Carolina-based maniac named Bob Brasfield owned this car and brought it to local auto wizards Fat Man Fabrication to put a little magic under the hood.

Fatman Fabrications (Charlotte NC) built a custom square-tube street rod frame that incorporated the unitized body. They used Macpherson strut front suspension and Nissan truck brakes. The differential is a narrowed Ford 9 with Detroit Truetrac and 2:50:1 gearing. The engine is an all-aluminum twin turbo 402ci* dry-sump small-block built by Duttweller Performance Ventura CA. Only the best components were used: Brodix block/heads Comp roller-cam forged crank/rods CP pistons twin Precision Turbos and Big Stuff3 EFI. This engine dynoed at 954 BHP on pump gas. The transmission is a GM TH350. This is a one-off monster and it’s street-legal. Every aspect of the build is fully documented (including dyno sheets).

*6.6 liters!

If I’ve learned anything from the Fast & Furious movies, it’s that you can use this car to get a more expensive car by racing its owner for pink slips. Plus it would be hilarious to watch you smoke a Bugatti in this thing.

Source: core77

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