Worried Man Checks On His Girlfriend Who Was Spending Too Long In Bath, Finds Something Surprising

Japan — Twitter user Nekomarusuisan was worried about his girlfriend, who was spending a really long time in the bath. To make sure that nothing’s wrong with her, he checked up on her, and he was surprised with what he found out. “When I went to check, she was busy enjoying paradise,” he said in his tweet. And when he said that his girlfriend was “enjoying paradise”, he meant this.

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If we were the girlfriend, we probably wouldn’t have moved from that position either. A nice drink, a nice game, and two nice cats. What more could you possibly want?

Nekomarusuisan also has a YouTube channel for their cats, Chamunosuke and Marukichi.

I just hope the Nintendo Switch did not get wet.

(Image Credit: nekomarusuisan7/ Twitter)

Source: neatorama

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