Would You Like To Drink Some Potato Chips?

A Japanese company has invented a way to let us drink potato chips. Forget the tedious (and greasy) way of eating a bag of potato chips, because Zyplus’ Poterapper will let you gulp your chips with ease. The Poterapper doesn’t turn potato chips into an actual liquid form. It gives the user a way to shove potato chips into their mouth with ease, as SoraNews24 detailed: 

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At first glance, the Poterapper looks sort of like an adapter for hookng up your washing machine. It’s composed of three parts, top, middle, and bottom pieces, as shown above. Those three parts, though, plus a pair of scissors, are all you need to make the magic happen.

First, cut off a corner of the bag and slide the bottom piece. Then place the middle piece over the bottom piece, with the bag’s material sandwiched between their contact patch, and screw the two pieces together. Finally, screw the top piece, which is a cap, onto the middle piece.

Now that you’ve got your equipment set up, the final step is to turn your chips into drinkable form by pressing and squeezing the bag to break them into smaller pieces that can easily flow through the spout. We suppose you could also toss the bag around the room or dropkick it, but you’ll want to be gentle enough that it doesn’t rip.

image via SoraNews24

Source: neatorama

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