“Wow, It Looks Like The Real Thing”: 64 Times People Got A Horrific Tattoo Of Something And Others Compared It To The Real Thing

Bad tattoos are like funny jokes, they’re not always intentional but they most certainly get a reaction. These designs, with their crooked lines and messy shading, often leave us wondering how people could have possibly thought they were a good idea.

While they already appear subpar on the wearer, they become even more comical when compared to the things they are meant to depict. Which is exactly what the subreddit ‘Tattoo Comparisons’ is dedicated to.

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Created in 2013, it has 11,500 members who are constantly sharing “face swaps” of the most unfortunate body ink they find. From family and celebrity portraits to wild animals, continue scrolling to check out some of the most popular ones, and don’t miss the talk we had with tattoo artist Adam Grant, who represents the Gypsy Stables Tattoo & Piercing Studio located in Soho, London. You’ll find it in between the images.

#1 Money Talk

Image credits: itsthehumidity

#2 Bootmoon

Image credits: roseygrl98

The last thing we want is for these pictures to discourage you from getting inked. We hope they will simply act as a friendly reminder to do your research (and provide an innocent laugh or two). Whatever pushes you toward the needle, it’s a good enough reason. After all, it’s your body. You set the rules.

However, judging from his experience, Adam Grant thinks people usually focus on meaning when they get their first tattoo, but last-minute impulse decisions for a friend or new partner are a strong contender.

“Don’t get me wrong, [those are] perfectly valid,” Grant told Bored Panda. “It doesn’t matter what you get as a first tattoo as long as you are conscious of the potential consequences of things like judgemental perspectives of others, [work] rules and requirements, or even your own change of heart down the line.”

“If you are ok with the risks involved in getting a tattoo then go for it!”

#3 Indistinguishable

Image credits: mormo_nomo

#4 Freddie Mercury

Image credits: sempiturtle

#5 Wejrns Werl

Image credits: landerwi

It’s normal to be worried even after you do all the homework. It’s a totally new experience! Professional tattoo artists, Adam Grant included, have no problem with it.

“The whole process is new to [first-timers] and of course, it can be alien and concerning,” he said. “Especially with the anticipation of the pain that might be and the comments of others who have or have never had tattoos.”

“I can handle nervous customers as it’s natural and understandable. Patience is key in tattooing. What I have little care for are customers who are rude and unnecessarily demanding. Respect is a two-way street and kindness costs nothing,” Grant explained.

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#6 Borb Murley

Image credits: Suicide_Necktie

#7 Precious

Image credits: thedemoncowboy

#8 Anatomically (In)correct Pin Up Girl

Image credits: cats_and_vibrators

#9 “Ladies And Gentlemen, The Beotles!”

Image credits: AintAintAWord

The numbers say that more and more people are walking into tattoo shops. A Harris poll of 2,225 United States respondents performed in 2015 found that 29% of Americans had at least one design on their skin, an increase from 14% in 2008 and 21% in 2012. 

Tattoos were slightly more common among United States women (31%) than men (27%). Younger respondents were more likely to have tattoos, with nearly half (47%) of those 18-35 years old reporting that they had one.

#10 Joe Pesci, What Happened To Your Face?

Image credits: LordOkazaki

#11 Grean Dae

Image credits: AintAintAWord

#12 It Turned Out Better Than I Anticipated… But That’s Still Not What A Wolf Looks Like

Image credits: cats_and_vibrators

#13 Faceswap

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

Looking more globally at industrialized Western societies, French dermatologist Nicolas Kluger, M.D., Ph.D., published a review of epidemiologic studies performed in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and South America, reporting that the prevalence of tattooing is around 10%-20%.

Interestingly, Kluger also noted that the prevalence of tattoos among United States Navy personnel in World War II was 65%, while the modern prevalence of tattoos among those in the military is cited as ranging widely from 10%-44%.

#14 Seinferld

Image credits: kootchi

#15 Megern Ferx

Image credits: majestic_fucklord

#16 Realistic Dancer Girlfriend

Image credits: RalphiesBoogers

#17 Mama

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

However, even with its popularity, the tattoo world is still surrounded by misconceptions, and the hottest one in Adam Grant’s professional circle right now seems to be temporary designs.

“I’ve been getting an increase in customers requesting temporary ink tattoos,” he noted. “It appears this has been advertised on social media as a common possibility. As far as I’m aware, there are no disappearing ink tattoos that fade in a short amount of time.”

“There are henna ink tattoos but that’s a different practice and I strongly advise visiting henna professionals for that because there are henna inks out there that are potentially dangerous to human skin,” he added.

#18 *they Wre-E-E-Cked Her*

Image credits: im_a_fucking_artist

#19 A Chimp… A Lion… Idk

Image credits: samuelhunt

#20 I Bet You Can’t Even Tell Which One Is The Tattoo

Image credits: jpina33

#21 Nailed It

Image credits: MisterChuck719

Otherwise, Grant suggests people go with Inkbox or a temporary tattoo stick-on company. “Essentially, that just transfers paper ink that takes time to wash away. My opinion on this is to go with your gut and stay clear of tattoos until you are one hundred percent confident in a design that you love.”

“Some tattoos we regret over the years because we are constantly becoming different people than who we were yesterday,” the artist highlighted. “That’s OK. Making mistakes is part of humanity and it adds to our character.”

#22 Minions

Image credits: RalphiesBoogers

#23 The Joker

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#24 The Humane Thing To Do, Would Be To Put It Down

Image credits: jpina33

#25 Hairy Patter And The Dethly Hellos

Image credits: AintAintAWord

#26 God Of War

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#27 Majestic King Of The Mount Derp

Image credits: maximumtesticle

#28 Jesus Arm-Wrestling With Satan

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 Brad Pitt

Image credits: Mister_Rahool

#30 This Sub Deserves A Resurrection

Image credits: TheMisertarians

#31 Immortaliderp

Image credits: Rob_T_Firefly

#32 Nailed It

Image credits: willy_mammoth4

#33 Jermes Hertfierld

Image credits: wiseblueberry

#34 Family Portrait

Image credits: coffomoffo

#35 Wednesday Addams

Image credits: Lar_n

#36 Hoolk Hoogan

Image credits: roseygrl98

#37 Nermern Reedus

Image credits: angelenabee

#38 Found On The “Sucky Tattoos” Instagram

Image credits: starskyyy

#39 Steve-O

Image credits: sun_tzuber

#40 The Majestic Tiger

Image credits: ArtistStallion

#41 Chris Farley

Image credits: reddit.com

#42 So Majestic!

Image credits: cyxel

#43 Dragonborn

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#44 Wild Wolfs

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#45 Tiger Leap

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#46 Mom

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#47 Steve Buscemi Tattoo Face Swap

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#48 The Bear

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#49 Elvurs Prursley

Image credits: notmuchwbu

#50 I Think It’s An Owl

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#51 Majestic Lion

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#52 Freddie Mercury

Image credits: reddit.com

#53 Southern Pride Punisher

Image credits: RalphiesBoogers

#54 Franklin

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#55 Cardi B

Image credits: ghoooooooooost

#56 Noooooooooooooo-Ot My Father!

Image credits: ChewBaracka

#57 Ripeep

Image credits: BusianLouise

#58 The Serven Yerr Ertch

Image credits: Rob_T_Firefly

#59 White Tiger

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#60 Ride It

Image credits: TheMisertarians

#61 Success

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#62 The Greatest Of The Big Cats

Image credits: ArtistStallion

#63 The Bear

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

#64 Dinosaur

Image credits: ZeroOne_01

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