Writers Looking for Work: Consider the WWE

I hadn’t thought about it, but it makes sense: professional wrestling is scripted with elaborate, detailed storylines and character development. So for a business like World Wrestling Entertainment, valued in hundreds of millions of dollars, a team of skilled, professional writers could be as important as the athletes in the arena.

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Would you like to be a writer for WWE? Well, too bad. That position doesn’t appear to be open. But the position of writer’s assistant is. Responsibilities include:

Participate and Take Notes in high level creative meetings with the Chairman of the Company, SVP and Lead Writers of the Creative Writing Team. […]

Assist writers with the execution of Backstage and In-Ring Segments at WWE TV Shows, and serve as a Runner, coordinating talent, props, and other necessary items for the scenes

-via Aaron Starmer

Photo: Ed Webster

Source: neatorama

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