X-Ray Video Helps You Understand the Design of a Fire Engine

We looked at manufacturer Brändle‘s fire engine, redesigned by industrial design firms Milan Rohrer and Shibuleru, here. The images (below) looked pretty cool, but the presentation of what the designers actually had to contend with was limited.

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To help you understand how a fire engine pumper truck actually works, and what kinds of UI/UX issues designers and engineers are confronted with, 3D animator Jake O’Neal put together this fantastic explainer video that gets into the details and answers tons of questions.

What are all the tools stored onboard? Why is there a speedometer on the passenger side of the cab? How can firefighters sit down with an oxygen tank strapped to their backs? What are those weird-looking black hose sections on the outside? The cutaway drawings of the past simply can’t compete with the clarity you get with CG, and the voiceover explanations are invaluable:

Source: core77

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