Yea or Nay? A Bag with 92 Magnets Instead of a Zipper

A bicycle accessory company called Ultix has designed an unusual bag called the MagGo. Designed specifically to carry a Nintendo Switch–which users apparently need to access in a great hurry–the main compartment features no zipper, but is instead lined with 92 magnets:

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It does look kind of satisfying to snap open and shut:

What would this type of closure be like in an ordinary backpack? I can’t decide if this would get annoying over time, or if it truly would be more convenient. What say you?

The MagGo has already been successfully Kickstarted, and demand appears quite high ($65,770 on a $6,989 goal). Switch users among you who want one, there was still 21 days left to pledge at press time, with $68 Early Birds still available.

Source: core77

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