Yea or Nay? A Dual-Monitor Workstation That Folds Up to Become Wall-Mounted Art

UK-based design firm Pith & Stem has created the DropTop, a wall-mounted workstation that folds up to become a piece of artwork.

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The £1,099 (USD $1,520) system comes with two 23.6-inch AOC monitors, though you can upgrade to units made by Philips or LG if you spend more.

I supposed they’ve integrated the monitors to make it a turnkey experience for the consumer. They also print and mount whatever artwork you choose; you’re meant to e-mail them a high-res image upon ordering.

I think it would take some getting used to, once folded up: Artwork is typically hung at standing eye level, whereas this is obviously mounted lower, since it’s meant to be sat at for working. So I guess the question is whether you’d rather have, as part of your décor, artwork hung too low or the blank underside of a surface.

And although the unit is billed as sturdy…

…you can also see, before he even climbs up on it, that there’s a bit of play with the hinges. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable working on a surface with that level of bounce, and I wouldn’t put a cup of coffee on it, for fear I’d accidentally springboard it when placing my hands on the desk to get up.

It’s an interesting concept, but I’d like to see what they do with the 2.0 version. What do you think of it?

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