Yea or Nay? An Angled Whiteboard That Goes Between the Keyboard and Monitor

On my desk I keep some junk mail envelopes and a stack of printouts from recent freelance gigs. I jot notes, ideas or sketches on the back of these. It’s hardly an elegant system–in fact it’s a bit messy–but at least it extends the utility of the already-spent paper.

A company called Fluidstance, however, is guessing you’d rather have a tidy little whiteboard front and center. Their Slope–“inspired by an open, groomed ski run,” they romantically write–is an angled piece of powder-coated steel meant to live between your monitor stand and keyboard (ideally in a Russian doll configuration, at least when you buy their Raise monitor stand).

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The 3-pound object contacts the desk surface on felt bumpers and has a channel up top to hold your smartphone, writing utensils and the spare cash you keep on hand to buy things like this. It comes with a dry-erase pen (and for $60, it better).

There’s also a $90 version that comes with a built-in wireless charger.

I like that this is clean-looking and I can see its utility, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy one. What say you, yea or nay? Useful object that you’d get your money’s worth out of, or just more stuff?

Source: core77

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