Yea or Nay: Full-Face Safety Goggles?

Remember those full-face sunglasses? During the height of the pandemic, Joe Doucet designed this full-face Vue Shield:

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I don’t know that they offer any protection against COVID, but I’m wondering about their efficacy as a more comprehensive version of safety glasses. I’m thinking about some of the messier operations on this farm (I’ve had duck poop splatter into my face more than once) or certain shop operations, where errant chips can shoot up under your safety glasses. These are said to be fog-free, and I wonder how comfortable they are to wear for long stretches.

I bring this up because although these ran $80 in 2020, which is well beyond what most of us are willing to spend on safety glasses, they’re now selling the Men’s Vue Shield (which features tint) for just $5.

If the clear ones come down in price as well, I’ll give these a harder look.

Source: core77

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