Yea or Nay? Instead of the Selfie, the "Bothie"

Now that the Nokia brand has been resurrected, we’re starting to see licensee HMD Global Oy take creative strides to make them competitive again. First they relaunched the 3310, essentially a vintage cell phone design that’s 17 years old. Now they’ve moving into smartphone territory with their Nokia 8, and they’re hoping a new technological feature, the “bothie,” will capture market attention.

A bothie, as you may have guessed, uses both the front and rear camera simultaneously to let you capture both your precious face and whatever it is you’re looking at. The Guardian envisions it being used like this:

Image: John Nguyen/Press Association

For their part, Nokia hopes you’ll use their “Dual-Sight mode” to record or transmit shots of you and a friend opposite…

…or Facebook Live your experiences like this:

Now that most smartphones have both front and rear cameras, this is a relatively simple technological trick for manufacturers to pull off. Our question to you is, will the bothie gain traction? Or are smartphone users like certain narcissistic politicians in that they’ll feel there’s really only room in the frame for one person?

Source: core77

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