Yea or Nay on This Design for a Storage Object: The "Acrylic Wall Pocket"

West Elm Kids, in collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids, sells this $90 Acrylic Wall Pocket:

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Is it me, or is this just a terrible design for a storage object, particularly one for children? Access appears awkward, visibility is limited to whatever’s pressed against the front face, the curved bottom would collect crumbs and debris. On top of that the overall object would readily show dirt, and it looks as if it would be awkward to clean the inside of.

I don’t have kids so I’m not the target market, but I imagine that with a storage object designed for holding lots of separate but like items, you want something you can dump out onto a carpet or table, as opposed to wall-mounted. What say you (particularly the parents among you)?

Source: core77

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