Yea or Nay? Steelcase's Pod Tent

Pod Tent is a freestanding pod that limits distractions in the open office,” Steelcase writes. “Its unique and organic shape adds a compelling and unconventional visual aesthetic to the modern workplace.”

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I can’t deny that it adds some visual pop to what might be an otherwise boring office space, but I can’t imagine it does anything to block sound. While it prevents seeing your co-workers, surely a pair of ANC headphones would be needed to truly limit distractions.

The base diameter is 76″, stretching to 88″ at the equator. The height is nearly 8′. A notched portion of the bottom allows a power cable to be snaked inside. Steelcase says the lightweight aluminum-pole-supported structure is easy to move, and that the open-air roof “provides ventilation.” They also point out that it’s less expensive than other enclosed cubicle set-ups.

That being said, I don’t think the circular shape makes much sense, at least from a functional standpoint; since just about every desk is rectangular, there seems to be a lot of wasted space. I guess they make a bit more sense as a chill-out space, assuming you’re not claustrophobic, and if your office isn’t noisy to begin with.

What say you, would you happily work in one of these, versus the open-air alternative? Is something better than nothing?

Source: core77

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