Yea or Nay: Sticky Notes as Pill Packaging Concept

Here’s a design concept that won Gold in the 2020 K-Design Awards, a China-based design competition. A team of student designers from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts have brazenly ripped off one of 3M’s trademarks, calling their project the Post-It Note Medicine Package (with no attribution or mention of 3M).

Sorting that out will be up to 3M’s lawyers, who already have their hands full battling counterfeit PPE producers.

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Copyright issues aside, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the merits of the design. The concept calls for medications to come packaged in sticky notes in pouch form, and perhaps makes sense for the Chinese market, where multigenerational households are still common; the idea is that younger family members “help the elderly manage [their medications],” by sticking the pills-of-the-day in an obvious place and writing a note on it.

Assuming the paper comes from a sustainable source and is recyclable, I’d say this would be a good system. Never mind other family members; I’d have used this for myself earlier this year, when I had to battle an infection with a cocktail of daily medications meant to be taken at 4- and 6-hour intervals. The pill regimen was easy to screw up, and I took the wrong pill at least twice.

Your thoughts, good system or bad? And I will say, I’m surprised 3M doesn’t already make this.

Source: core77

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