Yellowstone Closed Due to Flooding

I hope you didn’t have reservations at Yellowstone National Park this week. While the rest of the American West is suffering under a drought, intense flash flooding on the Yellowstone River along with rockslides and mudslides have destroyed the road that serves as the north entrance to the park, as you can see in the video above. After inspecting other damaged roads, the National Park Service has closed all five entrances to the park at least through Wednesday, and possibly for longer.

Meanwhile, the community of Gardiner is completely cut off to vehicle traffic (see videos here) and many communities are without power. Tourists are warned not to try to find accommodations in towns near Yellowstone, as there aren’t many to begin with and this calamity has filled them. Also, cell service, spotty to begin with, is affected. It will probably be months before the north park entrance is reopened, which has us concerned about the person in that front-end loader stuck on the highway. -via Fark

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Source: neatorama

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