Yellowstone's $1500 Inheritance Pass

Yellowstone National Park is celebrating its 150th anniversary. One of the special events of the year is the sale of a special $1500 “Inheritance Pass” that won’t be usable for 150 years! The owner of such a pass will have unlimited access to the park in the year 2172. Yeah, no one buying this pass will live to use it, but it can be bequeathed to someone in your will.

The point of the pass is to raise funds so that Yellowstone can survive into the future. The money raised through the campaign will go to “supporting scientific studies, trail maintenance, and wildlife conservation, among other projects.” You can consider it a donation, as it is tax deductible. However, once you buy an Inheritance Pass, the park will send you a thank you note with an annual pass for the  current year. You can purchase one here. Read about the Inheritance Pass project at Backpacker. -via Kottke  

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Source: neatorama

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