Yet Another Set of Designey Drawing Tools Kills It on Kickstarter

I’d never have guessed that newfangled drawing tools would become a hit category for crowdfunding, but the $84 Stria folding ruler and $120 Iris circle drawing object have erased those doubts. Now there’s a new entry, which seems every bit as silly to me: A set of hexagonal ruler template-thingies from Hong-Kong-based Yuan Design Studio.

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Here’s what they do:

The product copy on the Kickstarter campaign page is nonsense, targeting “ambitious designer[s}” using words and phrases like “freedom” and “your design journey.” Yet the ruler sets, which run about USD $70, have been over 1,000% funded, with 25 days left in the campaign.

There is a lesson here for design entrepreneurs. Yuan Design Studio founder Im Ken originally provided lasercutting services for other designers. If I had to guess, I’d say the birth of this product came more from “What can I make with a lasercutter” than “What do people need that I can provide?”

I suppose I should be encouraged by the popularity of items like these, as it means perhaps more people are drawing; but the cynic in me suspects it’s just more stuff to fill drawers with.

Source: core77

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