You Can Now Own an Extinct Volcano For Only $60,000

You’ve read the title correctly. You can now own a volcano at a price cheaper than the most expensive cars out there. For only $60,890, you can buy the Posbury Clump found in Devonshire, England. It is a 4.9-acre woodland sitting on top of the volcano.

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This volcano is extremely affordable by most geological standards, for a couple of reasons. One, it’s been extinct for more than 250 million years, meaning it’s less a volcano than a fossil of one. Two, it’s got a rather stodgy British name. The land is called Posbury Clump, a self-effacing moniker for a plot of land that once streamed red-hot lava on a daily basis. Think of it as the Sir Ian McKellen of volcanoes—Posbury paid its magmatic dues long ago and is now very happy to cash in on that clout in an upcoming movie about humanoid cats.

Like many extinct volcanoes, Posbury isn’t what it used to be. The elderly volcano is just 500 feet high, providing visitors with a sweeping but not particularly expansive view of the surrounding area, according to a description provided by the Jackson stops real-estate agency. But that view is beautiful, featuring farms and woodlands in the rolling hills of the Devonshire countryside.

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(Image Credit: Stephen Wensley/ Wikimedia Commons)

Source: neatorama

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