“You Don’t Need A Company Phone”: Boss Regrets His Words As Soon As Worker Starts Maliciously Complying

We all get fed up with our jobs at times, be it an awful customer, a small task failed, or just a bad day overall. However, when it comes to work itself, how much is too much? It’s a question that can only be answered depending on the situation, really. Still, most people would agree that being expected to work weekends for free would be drawing a massive line when it comes to their employment responsibilities.

A redditor by the name of u/pappie317 went on to explain his situation to the community on r/MaliciousCompliance, saying that his company, or more so, his boss pretty much expected him to work on weekends, directing job-related calls to his personal cell phone. Fed up with the situation, the employee decided that he would not be taking calls for a single weekend, given that he didn’t receive any sort of compensation besides the fact that things at work went smoothly when he actually had to be on a shift.

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How many of us would be happy with taking work-related calls during the time we are supposed to be off? We believe not many would be up for such a task

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A person got fed up with working on weekends for free as he went on to express his frustration online

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Expecting people who work regular weekday jobs to work for free on weekends, such as taking client calls from a personal phone, is unethical for a variety of reasons

We believe it goes without saying but, everyone needs their downtime, especially from work. We all need a chance to chill, kick back, and recharge from all of the stress. If work starts sneaking into our personal time, it just messes up the balance. On top of that, it’s actually against the rules in a lot of countries. There are laws that say workers should get paid for all the hours they put in, including any overtime, which in the OP’s situation is clearly not the case.

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But let’s say someone does decide to work for free on the weekend. It sets this vibe that the employer doesn’t really respect or value their time. That’s not great for morale and might even make people less productive. It goes without saying that people can get super burned out, and become less satisfied with their jobs, or worse, might even quit. So, expecting free work isn’t fair and doesn’t respect the skills, know-how, and experience that employees are paid to bring to the table. Everyone should get paid fairly for their work, even if it’s done outside their usual work hours, a little bit of respect for your workers goes a long way, after all.

As the story went viral, people in the comments had some questions to ask regarding the OP’s job

Some also left their suggestions, opinions and even advice on the situation, given that the OP still wasn’t overly happy with how everything turned out

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