“You Had One Job”: The Worst Fails Shared On This Group (95 New Pics)

Life can always find a way to surprise us, where the most simple, straightforward, and mundane task sometimes goes awry and you are left sitting there and wondering how exactly did this happen. The blessing and curse of the 21st century is that there will always be someone around to document it for posterity. 

This online group documents the painful and sometimes inexplicable fails they have encountered “in the wild,” so be sure to upvote the posts where you really do not understand how someone failed at the single thing they needed to do and comment your own experiences if you aren’t afraid. 

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#1 I Did Not Know There Were 11 World Wars

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#2 Protecting Someones Privacy

Image credits: ParallelTruth

#3 Made That Breaking News Banner, Boss

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Even in the smallest, most seemingly easy jobs there needs to be some level of quality assurance. If you disagree, scroll through this article a bit and see if it changes your mind. Consumer protections against questionable quality do go back to the Medieval ages when various guilds were responsible for making sure the things their members produced were up to scratch and wouldn’t discredit the entire profession. Now if a company messes up, its competitors are no doubt gleeful at the opportunity. 

Modern companies do use more statistical methods and will generally have an idea of how many units per thousand or million will have some issue. Fixing every single one is generally not considered worth it, so an unlucky consumer down the line will just have to “eat” the company’s mistake. On the bright side, if you do end up with a misprinted shirt or some other mistake, you at least get to stand out from the crowd. 

#4 Whoever Edited This Advertisement Never Saw A Human Foot

Image credits: victim80

#5 Are Lizards Going To Start Falling From The Sky

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#6 So, Uh… Wanna Tell Me What Went Wrong With This One?

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Of course, some issues come down to human error, be it a typo, or misreading some instructions. In our private lives, these at most cost us some money and our dignity, as friends and family are likely to constantly bring up some mistake we happened to make. But in the “real world,” mistakes will inevitably cost as much as some lawyers can squeeze out of a jury or the legal system, as most places have a set of rules to define damages from negligence

#7 ‘Anti-Graffiti’, Huh? (Waterloo Bridge)

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#8 Handle With Care

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#9 I Can’t Believe My Dad Bought This!

Image credits: DullAttorney228

As much as business owners and manufacturers may dislike it, these laws do protect us, consumers from them. Even a CEO is also a consumer at times, so it’s important not to be short-sighted here. The origins of the law involved Scotland, a ginger beer float, and a snail. A woman named May Donoghue ordered the aforementioned item and was shocked to discover a dead, decomposed snail in the liquid. This led her to sue the manufacturer of the ginger beer in 1932.

#10 Installed The Ac, Boss!

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#11 Ah Yes. Everything Is Fine Here

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#12 Which Floor Was It Again?

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In this case, judge, Lord MacMillan ended up creating a new sort of tort, which is just a legal term for a civil wrong, the sort that they can pursue legal action for. In Donoghue v Stevenson (the latter being the manufacturer of the ginger beer and snail combo,) Donoghue did not outright win the case, but it did create a shift in legal thought about the responsibilities of manufacturers, particularly for food and beverages. 

#13 Bought A Chocolate Milk But They Forgot To Add Chocolate I Guess?

Image credits: IceCoffee64

#14 Ahhh Yes,the Nutritional Info I Needed. I R I S H

Image credits: CaptainGisseno

#15 Bill Nye Is More Evil Than You Think

Image credits: Wahwahheeeeeeeeeee

The result is that anyone who does not take “reasonable care” to protect a third party can be held liable. This started with food and drinks but quickly expanded. So a doctor giving bad advice can be sued just as effectively as someone selling you a defective drill. As with so many things in life, this basically comes down to money. If a company or person wrongs you, they are now compelled to compensate you financially. 

#16 Laid The Pipe Down, Boss

Image credits: Rambos_Beard

#17 Make Sure You Use The Left Lane Cause Left Lane Closed

Image credits: Ben_Over420

#18 The People Who Thought That This Bathroom Was Ethical

Image credits: CynicalAndImpatient

#19 Mph? I Prefer Fahrenheit

Image credits: SqueakSquawk4

#20 Looks About Right ?

Image credits: yoGogohere

#21 Fork That Wasn’t Cut

Image credits: BiblessFilipino28

#22 Really, Frankenstein Is An Author Now?

Image credits: TamiTam55

#23 Since 14 Together 20 / Together Since 1420

Image credits: Some-Faithlessness75

#24 Looks Like #tacobell Couldn’t Find The Inside Of A Taco

Image credits: carlewurtz

#25 Yup That’s How Acronyms Work. Job Well Done!

Image credits: Annoying__Usernames

#26 Vegan Noodles “Contains Pork”

Image credits: Cloudly_Water

#27 How Not To Install A Metal Roof

Image credits: Xander395

#28 Photoshoping Can Be Hard

Image credits: LeapofAzzam

#29 Never Do Your Best, Quit!

Image credits: Bummbumm6

#30 It Would Be Easier To Get The Right Flag

Image credits: Digsants

#31 When It’s Close To The End Of The Shift

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 Just Saw This Jem On My Jobsite Friday !!!

Image credits: JeffAASecurity

#33 If Only There Were Something In The Nest That Started With The Letter E…

Image credits: mopeiobebeast

#34 New Security Cameras After A Sa At Work! ?

Image credits: schmungeon_schmaster

#35 To Paint A Sign

Image credits: Flapu7

#36 Julian Are You Ok?

Image credits: howardkinsd

#37 Installed The Explenation Boss

Image credits: tobixxxxxxxxxl

#38 This House Costs $2m+ And They Think This New Driveway Is Fine

Image credits: colonelcasey22

#39 While Shopping At Costco-This Caught My Eye. Well, I Guess It Looks Nice

Image credits: WhenMaxAttax

#40 Mcdonalds, You Know That Chicken Is Not A Drink. Right?

Image credits: VictorAFurr

#41 All Of The Bar Stools At Our Air Bnb Were Assembled Backwards

Image credits: Era_Glassworks

#42 Filled The Bins, Boss

Image credits: Many-Ad5016

#43 Damn Printing It The Right Way Around Was Too Hard

Image credits: RedTrian

#44 Wait I Remember That Character, It’s Super-Man!

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#45 Scammer Talking To Herself

Image credits: kalshassan

#46 Concentrating The Rain Into A Refreshing Seated Shower

Image credits: Arianfelou

#47 Floor In My Apartment Building

Image credits: cekosfranz

#48 Child Car Seat Installation Instructions

Image credits: wRojtheoriginal

#49 Labeled The Fruitables Boss

Image credits: Skaitavia

#50 Bright But Brief

Image credits: Acidelephant

#51 I’m Sorry, But Something Went Wrong In Product Development

Image credits: reddit.com

#52 This Is At My Blind School. Really Accessible

Image credits: thegunner137

#53 How To Stay Awake

Image credits: timwilks13

#54 Exactly What I Asked For!

Image credits: Magical_Potat0e

#55 My Girlfriend’s Boss Gift

Image credits: Ruzzo3_14

#56 To Promote A Beard Friendly Sunscreen

Image credits: koios1031

#57 Is The Ink Edible?

Image credits: jarajara1861

#58 Designed The Restaurant Menus, Boss

Image credits: nochancess

#59 Math, Not Even Once!

Image credits: dearlyneighbor778

#60 Yes. Effort Definitely Involves No Effort

Image credits: SombreSilver

#61 One Of My Coworkers Accepted This As A Looney (Canadian $1)

Image credits: samg461a

#62 Kit Kat Without The Wafer

Image credits: SpicyTortillass

#63 Oh Costco, Are We Jewish, Or Pagan?

Image credits: BellaRojoSoliel

#64 This Is Acceptable 🙁

Image credits: bitchy_buffoon

#65 I Don’t Think They Even Tried

Image credits: mmmmmmmmmmmo

#66 The Roundest Table I Ever Did See

Image credits: CasFromSask

#67 Yuppa. That Looks About Right For A Girl’s Height [crosspost From Facebook. Not Op]

Image credits: tyw7

#68 Trains Too Big For Tunnels

Image credits: Set_in_Stone-

#69 My Ice Cream Sandwich Only Came With One Chocolate Part

Image credits: Pokegamerguy

#70 Mittens, No!!

Image credits: Hugosimpon

#71 So… How Does It Work?

Image credits: Hugosimpon

#72 Did They Really Not Think Before They Wrote That Down?

Image credits: NotSpanishInqusition

#73 Percy Jackson And The The Last Olympian??

Image credits: Nitroid_X

#74 In 1731 The King Of Sweden Sent A Taxidermist His Pet Lion Who Died. This Is What Was Sent Back. It’s Currently On Display At A Formal Royal Residence

Image credits: JohnnyRico92

#75 I Don’t Think Thats Quite It

Image credits: melonemann2

#76 We Don’t Care If You Like “Avatar” Or If You Like “Avatar”

Image credits: My_Redditor_Username

#77 Op’s Apartment Installed New Siding And Choked Their Ac Unit By Enclosing It

Image credits: Sorry_Sorry_Im_Sorry

#78 Something Isn’t Adding Up

Image credits: IndependentFresh6865

#79 A Professional Wiring Of A Satellite Dish

Image credits: throwaway4gta2000

#80 They Put The Lamp… Under The Ceiling

Image credits: B0dis

#81 “Hung Up The Flags Boss”

Image credits: Phantom-pheonex

#82 Modern Art I Guess

Image credits: Zamiatow

#83 Just Looking For An Accident

Image credits: Browndog888

#84 One $10m Chance To Make An Appropriate Mlk Statue

Image credits: casmith12

#85 Terrorizing The Children With This One

Image credits: professionalNEIGHer

#86 They Could Have Made It 20 But They Did Not

Image credits: Masterjax1920

#87 Men Clothes

Image credits: RoiHurlemort

#88 News Images

Image credits: Rouge_Writer

#89 To Drive A Truck

Image credits: TheOnlyVibemaster

#90 When I Tried To Cut The Cheese…

Image credits: After-Boysenberry-96

#91 Something’s Wrong, I Can Feel It

Image credits: HotGarbage2020

#92 iPhone 14 In The Apple Store Shows “Let’s Explore iPhone 13” When Tapped

Image credits: AppleGuySL

#93 I Mean, It’s Not That Bad

Image credits: SprinklesOrdinary629

#94 Weirdest Straws I Ever Saw

Image credits: vaminion

#95 What In The World Network…

Image credits: 4reddityo

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