You Have Less Than 3 Days Left to Get a Discounted Lifetime Membership to Public Goods

Public Goods is the tiny company hoping to make a huge impact on our personal finances. Entrepreneur Morgan Hirsh’s mission is to manufacture common household consumables—shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, cleaning products, et cetera—and sell them directly to the consumer at cost. By eliminating middlemen and retailers they can sell, for instance, a $12 bottle of shampoo for $3.25. (The company profits not on the products themselves, but on membership fees–$12/month, or $96/annually.)

The company also claims their products are as natural as possible:

Savings aside, what matters most are the quality of our products. We began with obsessive formulations, vetted by the most discerning people we know. It took us over a year. We visited over 100 skincare labs. We consulted with experts. Hired the most reputable chemists. And we think you will really like the result: healthy products, naturally scented, cleanly designed and packaged.

Public Goods is currently running a wildly successful Kickstarter that’s garnered $552,481 pledged on a $20,000 goal. And it’s no wonder why: They’re offering lifetime memberships for just $69 (or $79 if the 124 slots left at press time run out).

The campaign ends this Friday, August 18th at 8pm EST. After it wraps lifetime memberships will no longer be available, and you’ll have to go either monthly or annually if you want to sign up.

Here’s the price list for the items they’re planning to launch with, which you’ll be able to order a la carte “as soon as 15 days after this Kickstarter campaign is over:”

Shampoo 8oz $3.25
Shampoo 12oz $3.75
Conditioner 8oz $3
Conditioner 12oz $3.5
Moisturizer $3
Bar Soap $2.75
Liquid Soap 8oz $3.5
Liquid Soap 12oz $4
Deodorant $3.5
Razor Handle $11
Razor Blades (x4) $3
Toothpaste $4.5
Toothbrush $3.5
Shaving Cream $3.25
Lip Balm $1.25
Sunscreen $3
Toilet Paper $7.75 (6 thick 2-ply rolls)

You’ll need to do a little math to determine whether or not it’s worth it for you. I went over my Amazon orders for the past year and here’s what I found:

– I’m paying $0.44/roll of toilet paper on Amazon vs. Public Goods’ price of $1.29/roll
– I’m paying $3 per tube of Colgate toothpaste vs. Public Goods’ $4.50
– I’m paying $0.60/bar for Dial soap vs. Public Goods’ $2.75
– Public Goods’ shampoo, however, is less than half of what I’m paying now
– PG’s razors are nearly 50% cheaper as well.

So, whether or not you’ll see a savings by going with Public Goods all depends on how much you order each year. Happy calculating!

Source: core77

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