You May Be Surprised How Adorable Cows Can Be (217 Photos)

The first things that come to mind when thinking about cute animals are dogs or cats. Then you may remember bunnies and hamsters, but cows wouldn’t be at the top of the list. And it’s a shame because they have the most adorable faces too.

Most of us would think that cows are kept in homes just for milk or meat, but they can be great pets too, filling the owner’s heart with joy and love. Bored Panda acknowledges their beauty and went on the internet to compile this list for you to learn what lovely animals cows can be.

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#1 Fluffiest Cow

Image credits: dobbyisafreepup

Cows were one of the first animals to be domesticated. The process started more than 10,500 years ago and they were used for meat and milk, while their skin, hair, horns and bones were also used for clothing and everyday tools. Since the beginning, cows were a valuable animal for humans. Scientists say that they were used as currency as early as 9,000 BC and they could be called one of the first forms of money.

After all these years, the animal still is a very big part of people’s diet, but what has changed is that more people have become emotionally attached to them and started keeping them as pets.

#2 Cows Will Be Your Friend If You Treat Them Nicely

Image credits:

#3 This Is Willow, A Premature Longhorn Calf. She Has Been Raised By Dogs And Thinks She Is One

Image credits: cashypants

#4 A Boy And His Cow Napping At The Goshen Fair

Image credits: tiameghan

Cows actually are gentle and friendly, so it is no wonder they have become pets. And after seeing these photos, you’ll realize that their appearance is also really adorable.

However, they’re not that easy to keep as they are definitely not apartment-friendly and they need more care than a cat or a dog. The obvious thing is that they need land to graze and you have to think about where would you put them in winter if it gets cold where you live. And if they get sick, you need a specialized veterinarian because not all of them know how to treat every domestic animal.

#5 Nosey Cow Undoubtedly Stole The Show At The County Fairgrounds. Not Everyone’s Into Cows, But She Was A Beauty With The Softest Ears

Image credits: IvoryHeket

#6 My Grand-Nephew Meeting A Calf For The First Time

Image credits: StarfishStabber

#7 My Grandpa Isn’t Able To Take Care Of His Cows Anymore So I Started Helping Last Fall. Honestly They Scared Me A Little At First. Now I’ve Gotten Super Attached To Them

Image credits: DLReads

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If you are financially able and can provide a cow with a comfortable home, you will get a really good friend. They‘ve been with humans for thousands of years and that means they have learned to socialize. Moreover, they are not as stupid as they may seem. They want to play with you and they are possible to train. For example, you can teach them to turn in a circle or lie down.

It’s not a coincidence that in some religions, a cow is seen as something comparable to a lamb of god. For many Hindus, cows are sacred animals because they are depicted as companions of certain gods.

#8 Here’s A Baby Cow 15 Seconds Before Licking My Phone

Image credits: triangleblues

#9 Cow Puppy

Image credits: mike_pants

#10 This Little Calf Is Wearing Earmuffs To Prevent Frostbite

Image credits: jacekup17

#11 Happy Little Christmas Moo

Image credits: AviahWinchester

From afar, cows can seem scary because they are big animals that have horns and if you’re not familiar with their personality, you might be afraid they could get angry very easily or start attacking you unexpectedly.

But that’s not the case and they are actually very lovely creatures, as it can be felt looking at the pictures. Which ones of these are your favorite? Would you like to have a cow as a pet or do you have one and would like to share your experience owning one? Share all your thoughts in the comments!

#12 Smol Moo

Image credits: minstrelj

#13 Fluffy Holiday Cow Spreading Cheer

Image credits: buckleyhighlandcow

#14 Dog Enjoying A “Cow Lick”

Image credits:

#15 Cow Posing With Their Buddy

Image credits: lnfinity

#16 This Is Aretha, A Rescue Cow. She Groomed My Legs With Her Tongue Then Fell Asleep. She’s A Good Girl

Image credits: PrinceWilliam13

#17 Fluffy Scottish Highland Calf

Image credits: waffleboss

#18 My Nephew Met A Baby Cow And Decided To Brush It

Image credits:

#19 Dogs Love Cows Sometimes

Image credits: glentylee

#20 Cow And Hedgehog

Image credits: AnecstaticDude

#21 A Baby Cow With A Bum Heart And A Head Heart

Image credits: slob-on-mi-knob

#22 Cute Baby Cow Marley Rose

Image credits:

#23 Meet Moonpie, The Cow That Thinks She’s A Dog

She was spotted at a livestock auction house, got rescued and was taken to Rocky Ridge Refuge Sanctuary. As the weather was really bad and she was too small to be outside with the other cows. Moonpie stayed in her human mom’s bedroom and eventually befriended her canine companions. They clean her face, the way her mother would have. They love to do that. They were all thrilled to see her. However, Moonpie is particulary fond of a deaf bull terrier Spackle. 


Image credits: youandmeandrainbows

#24 May I Offer You A Picture Of A Cute Cow During These Trying Times

Image credits: IDontBeleiveImOnFIre

#25 A Friend Of Mine Sent Me This Picture, And I Thought It Deserves To Be Posted

Image credits: sm1lesnipez

#26 Two Precious Girls

Image credits: lullabphotography

#27 Had To Keep Her Warm

Image credits: TheHappyNinja

#28 Cody Looks Like A Giant

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#29 Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate This Lovely Cow

Image credits: Adventures of Finn

#30 Fluffy Cows

Image credits: Bunnes68

#31 We Had A Baby On Sunday. Meet Waffles

Image credits:

#32 The Sun Makes Dancer Happy

Image credits: theedora

#33 Wholesome Moo-Ment

Image credits: coronaboi78

#34 Throwback To Baby James First Birthday

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#35 A Miniature Cow

Image credits: greenlanefarm

#36 Baby Cow I Saw Today With A Love Heart On Her Head

Image credits: luke3389

#37 Cow Friends At The Virginia State Fair

Image credits: wmartin428

#38 Smoochie For The Doggo

Image credits: mountainwoodsfarm

#39 I Can’t Decide On The Name

Image credits: karlanorthcottphotography

#40 Moo

Image credits: KevinC9696

#41 Woke Up To A Surprise This Morning! My Cow Hashbrown Had A Tater Tot

Image credits: equineporcupine

#42 Introducing Quincy The Carnivore

Image credits: cowlovers2020

#43 First, We Load The Dishwasher, Then We Feed The Cows. We Do It This Way Every Morning. Doing Dishes Has Never Appeared More Riveting

Image credits: Freeman Farm Miniature Cows

#44 I Saw A Cute Cow! I Thought It Would Work Well As A Wholesome Meme

Image credits: clever_clementine

#45 Flower Girl

Image credits: hoovesandtails

#46 Baby Highland Cow In The Mountains Of Colorado

Image credits: gavindec95

#47 Checking On The New Baby

When Adam picked her up she let out a scream and 25 angry momma cows came charging down the hill towards us. They were ready to kill whatever was bothering that baby, thankfully they calmed down once they saw us.

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#48 Ady Is Just So Huggable

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#49 Having A Nap On The Ride Home

Image credits: cows.worldwide

#50 Now I Want A Cow Pillow Too

Image credits: shark969

#51 Mini Cows

Image credits: JaderBug12

#52 Here Is A Cow Enjoying A Nice Bath. That’s All

Image credits: DuncxnDonuts

#53 Baby Cows Are Adorable

Image credits: AsicsPuppy

#54 Baby Highland Cow

Image credits: ratiaranch

#55 The Life Of A Barn Cat

Image credits: bearmine

#56 Marshmallow And Bean

Image credits: cowsofnewzealand

#57 Any Love For This Adorable Highland Cattle Calf? 

Image credits: Swedishhighlander

#58 Grumpy Calf For My First Cake Day

Image credits: scottishcowgirl

#59 Aviv Is The Sweetest Baby Girl

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#60 Hercules

Image credits: ratiaranch

#61 My Friend Got A New Cow. She Has A Bit Of An Under Bite

Image credits: Kiekie77

#62 A Baby Cow With A Heart On It’s Head. Bonus: Blep

Image credits: naturalenergybyproxy

#63 Can There Be Anything More Touching

Image credits: riuttahighland

#64 My Friend Told Me You Like Cute Animals. Meet My Mini Highland Cow, Buckley

Image credits: buckleyhighlandcow

#65 One Of My Dad’s Cows Just Had A Calf On St. Paddy’s Day

Image credits: enxoran

#66 Cow Snuggles

Image credits: lnfinity00

#67 I Think Cows Are Underrated In The Cute Department

Image credits: laurjayne

#68 People Are Very Often Asking Can Highlanders See Through Their Hair. I Believe That They See Just Fine, At Least When They Want To See

Image credits: riuttahighland

#69 Cute Cows

Image credits:

#70 This Little Calf Is All Ready For Valentine’s Day

Image credits: Kaill

#71 Not Another Cowlick!

Image credits: yourfordguidecory

#72 My Dog Met A Cow Today

Image credits:

#73 May I Offer You A Picture Of A Cute Cow During These Trying Times?

Image credits: greenlanefarm

#74 Buckley The Highland Cow

Image credits: buckleythehighlandcow

#75 Baby Scottish Highland Cow, Her Name Is Shorty

Image credits: SnakeskinEyes

#76 You Are A Good Cow

Image credits: lnfinity

#77 Our Baby Calf Was Born Yesterday

Image credits: Oliviakb963

#78 Calf, Just A Few Days Old, Seeing What I Was Up To

Image credits: strych9_

#79 Cutest Little Calf I’ve Seen

Image credits: wildwindsurfer

#80 Cows Have Best Friends And Feel Stressed When They Are Away From Them

Image credits: Mortress

#81 Cute Bison Calf Getting Some Love From Mother

Image credits: jainswapnil52

#82 Visited My Friend’s Sheep Farm On The Weekend. This Is Him And His Pet Highland, Cedar. She Was Like A Big Dog

Image credits: amandaem79

#83 Big Boy Eric On His Birthday

Image credits: aprilhenley

#84 Baby Highland Cows

Image credits:

#85 Happy 7th Birthday To My Favourite Cow Ever, Brown Sugar

Image credits: cowsofnewzealand

#86 This Cow Tried To Eat My Phone. Look At Her Eyes

Image credits: Drogonita

#87 Cutie With A Crown

Image credits:

#88 Cow Excited To Be In A Picture

Image credits: Lampedampe

#89 Fluffy Miniature Mountain Cows

Image credits: jkylej

#90 Would Love To Take This Little Guy Home

Image credits: joeturner90

#91 Holland & Ridge Modeling For Christmas Photos

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#92 The Faces Lucy Made When I Came To Take Her Home From The Pasture

Image credits: theedora

#93 This Little Cutie Was Only 3 Weeks Old

Image credits: theedora

#94 This Adorable Baby Cow Is Getting Bundled Up For The Winter

Image credits: snowfallranch

#95 Baby Cows Are A Blessing! Just Look At Its Lil Face

Image credits: State Farmer

#96 Just A Cute Cow

Image credits: sheepinblue

#97 Sleepy Baby

Image credits: yourfordguidecory

#98 Moo!

Image credits: michaelsenpatrick

#99 Cows Are Really Just Grass Guppies

Image credits: CowyGamingYT

#100 Grace Was Ready For The Rain!

This was going to be her Halloween costume but she ended up needing it with the weather today.

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#101 Idk If I’m The Only One, But I Really Like Cows. I Think They’re Cute

Image credits: MayuSophia

#102 One Of The Main Reasons I Went Vegan Is Because I Walk My Dog In A Cow Field Every Day. Here’s A New Born Pic. Sooooo Cute

Image credits: A-D-A-M-

#103 I Can’t Get Enough Of This Girl. She Is So Sweat And Absolutely Beautiful

Image credits: marcia0001

#104 Friend Saw These Cuties Over Break

Image credits: babybeluga828

#105 It’s Not A Phase Mom

Image credits:

#106 Indy Doesn’t Let Me Touch Her, But Is Always Super Keen To Pose For Photos And Hang Out With Me. Maybe She Will Become Friendly One Day

Image credits: cowsofnewzealand

#107 It’s A Girl!

Image credits: Mattbull

#108 Here’s A Pic Of My Cow With Bunny Ears

Image credits: hilduhbruh

#109 Baby Cow

Image credits:

#110 A Friend Of Mine Took Pictures Of Her Photogenic Cow

Image credits: jennitils

#111 Two Little Fuzz Calves, Meet Amber And Galaxy

Image credits: downeyfamfarm

#112 Newborn Bull

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#113 Cuteness Overload

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#114 Cuddle Buddies

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#115 She’s Just The Cutest

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#116 James With His Buggy Full Of Goodies On Our Shopping Trip

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#117 Baby James The Jedi Is Ready To Fight His Next Battle

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#118 One Lazy Calf

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#119 I Don’t Think Any Of Roberto’s “Hats” Fit Him Anymore

Image credits: revolutionaryrootsfarm

#120 Delilah And Reba

Delilah usually runs away from the pigs.. but this time she was laying down and Reba came over and laid right under her head. Delilah didn’t seem to mind, even gave her a couple of licks.

Image credits: hoovesandtails

#121 Resting

Image credits: riuttahighland

#122 Baby Scotty Loves You!

Image credits: threegreatscotts

#123 Baby Rainboy

Image credits: hmgaard

#124 Social Distancing Rules Do Not Apply To Miniature Cows

Image credits: hellofreemanfarm

#125 Check Out The New Bell

Image credits: maloneandfriends_ak

#126 Highland Calf With A Flower Garland

Image credits: mike_pants

#127 Galloway Calves Are The Cutest Of Them All

Image credits: rpar2192

#128 Gerry Doesn’t Understand How To Use The Mineral Lick Yet

Image credits: KateEatsWorld

#129 Story Time With My Cow

Image credits: CowyGamingYT

#130 Very Mooooooy Xmas!

Image credits: buckleyhighlandcow

#131 Harley Quinn, The Highland Cow Calf. All Dressed Up For Christmas

Image credits: Heman5050

#132 Highland Cow Says Hiiiiii You Guys!

Image credits: WhatDoYouWantNowKid

#133 Cow Blup

Image credits: NOV3LIST

#134 Moos With Shades Are Life

Image credits: tinygrapehead

#135 Just A Cute Cow With Gapped Teeth

Image credits: IWantToLiveInUSA

#136 Getting Ready For Fall Weather

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#137 My Buddy With His New Calf

Image credits: jeffhext

#138 Baby James Got A Chicken Hat For Christmas

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#139 Adam And Baby Macmillan Are Both Smiling

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#140 Teddy Bear

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#141 Julie

Image credits: theedora

#142 “Who’s There?”

Image credits: ratiaranch

#143 Blep

Image credits: ratiaranch

#144 Hi! Happy Weekend

Image credits: hmgaard

#145 Storm

Image credits: hmgaard

#146 Um, Excuse Me But Do You Have Any Cow Treats In Here?

Image credits: buckys_porch

#147 Three Carrots For Three Years Old!

Image credits: threegreatscotts

#148 Just A Calf With A Hat

#149 Baby Was Made With Love

Image credits: Fasi_Lunari

#150 Little Goose Getting Halter Trained

Image credits: ladymorpheus

#151 This Sweet Girl Came To My College Campus And Was So Relaxed As I Was Petting Her

Image credits: Hollaline7

#152 We’re Ready For Spring On Our Little Farm

Image credits: meluvcatz2412

#153 Cows Can Also Be Your Loving Pet

Image credits: AlexSidorov

#154 Remi Wanted To Show Off Her Bow Today

Image credits: valdezsfv

#155 What A Lovely Boy

Image credits: howyouseetheworld

#156 Baby Love

Image credits: yourfordguidecory

#157 My Bottle Calf Ready For Halloween

Image credits: bovine-princess

#158 The Very Soft 4 Day Old Calf My Dad Petted

Image credits: smallangrynerd

#159 Baby Highland Cows

Image credits: bombadil-

#160 A Highland Cow And Her Calf

Image credits: love_the_heat

#161 Highland Calfs Are The Cutest

Image credits: RedstoneRacoon

#162 Baby Calf Blep

Image credits: No_Alps7024

#163 Just Two Furry Calfs. That’s It

Image credits: LumberJacksam

#164 Fluorite & Kyanite

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#165 My 600lb Puppy

Image credits: revolutionaryrootsfarm

#166 My Little Heartbreaker

Image credits: theedora

#167 Just Like His Mom Julie, He Is Now Crazy About Pastries

Image credits: theedora

#168 Taurus, My Little Messy Prince

Image credits: riuttahighland

#169 Sigmund In The Sunshine

Image credits: riuttahighland

#170 1 Day Old Calf

Image credits: darnflabbitYU

#171 My Sister’s New Calf, Her Name Is Moo

Image credits: pulse184

#172 Donut, Our Calf Doesn’t Understand Personal Space Very Well

Image credits: mouse987

#173 He’s A Different Kind Of Cute, But Meet Silas, My Girlfriend’s Scottish Highland Cow

Image credits: CrimsonKuja

#174 A Cute Cow Minding Its Own Business

Image credits: CAP_X

#175 This Is Our Pretty Boy ‘Emma’

Image credits: nobodies_artist

#176 Bart Sees You There… Scrolling… Not Giving Him Pats And Milk

Image credits: lilbigmemer

#177 My Scottish Highland Show Calves From A Few Years Ago. They Are Probably 3 Months Old In This Photo. Sedona And Phoenix

Image credits: springsteentrack9

#178 Got To Meet The Sweetest Coos A Few Weeks Ago And I Can’t Wait To See Them Again

Image credits: AAAyers

#179 Highland Cow

Image credits: Garyp18

#180 Baby Moo Makes A Great House Companion

Image credits: yourfordguidecory

#181 Beautiful Lady

Image credits:

#182 Cows Can Be Derps Too

Image credits: limaisa

#183 He’s Two Days Old And His Name Is Norman

Image credits: mamabear08

#184 Here’s A Cow Eating An Apple… Enjoy!

Image credits: MitchelGoosen

#185 Bonnie & Konstellation

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#186 Fergus

Image credits: happyhensandhighlands

#187 Little One

Image credits: ratiaranch

#188 Cuteness Overload

About the eartags. In Finland (and many other countries) all cattle must be tagged with two eartags, it is a law. No matter the use of a cow, it has to have a tag in both of its ears with indentification number. If it falls in some point of a cows life, a new tag must be put on. We also have to inform every birth, every death, every change to this bovine register where they keep track on every cow in Finland, for example because of food safety and various other things. Tags look very big for the calves , but they grow quickly and in adults you don’t really see them because of the fluffy hair. The tags are quickly put in to the ears and is just like to put a ear piercing for human, hurts only for a second and is soon over.

Image credits: ratiaranch

#189 Blep Moment

#190 Photogenic Cow At The Local Humane Society

Image credits: RosieGold84

#191 Is This The Right Window For Cookies And Chin Scritches?

Image credits: Chemical-Rope

#192 Mini Cow Smiles

Image credits: kvilla10

#193 Feeling A Little Down Today And Missing This Sweet Baby, Gelati

Image credits: ilikecowsandfruit1

#194 This Is Ginger And Her Daughter Persimmon. They’re Very Friendly

Image credits: plastic-shrubs

#195 Karl The Reindeer

Image credits: KateEatsWorld

#196 Look How Photogenic Our Cute Little Calf Is

Image credits:

#197 Moo

Image credits: Scared-Babe

#198 These Two Are Goobers

Image credits: shootingstarflowers

#199 Cute Little Blep

Image credits: CowoftheDay1

#200 Human Mom Says I’m About To Experience My First Winter. She Says White Stuff Might Even Fall From The Sky, Which I Guess Is A Lot Like The Wet Stuff But Colder.

Image credits: tashalafawn_newlifefarm

#201 Could This Duo Be Any Cuter

Image credits: rolling7ranchco

#202 Cheeky Monkey

Image credits: lanahandthemoos

#203 Sometimes You Just Need To Lay Your Head Down And Watch The World Moo

Image credits: snoofy_boys_of_canungra

#204 Highland Cattle And Sunflowers

Image credits: ratiaranch

#205 Happy Halloween!

Image credits: iowafarmsanctuary

#206 Trying Out A New Look!

Image credits: missdollystar

#207 Can You See The Attitude In His Face?

Image credits: mcneilfarmbros

#208 Good Mornings Start With This Goof

Image credits: dandelionridgefarm

#209 Such A Cute Baby Cow

Image credits: hopkinz

#210 Cute Jumping Baby Highland Cow On The Road

#211 Who Knew Cows Were So Cute? Week Old Dairy Calf

Image credits: UnusuallyClassic

#212 Mommy And Baby Princess

Image credits: hmgaard

#213 This Handsome Guy Had Some Cute Pictures Taken This Morning

Image credits: rolling7ranchco

#214 This Girl Is Stunning! A Pretty Champagne Colored Highland/Beltie Cross

Image credits: rolling7ranchco

#215 The Cutest Little Silver Dun Baby You Ever Did See

Image credits: rolling7ranchco

#216 Small But Mighty

Image credits: rolling7ranchco

#217 Cow Horn

Image credits: revolutionaryrootsfarm


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