You’ll Always Have Paris When You Wear This Stylish Map Necklace

City Map Necklace

The famous line, “We’ll always have Paris,” is iconic for more than its inclusion in the classic film Casablanca. It also captures the feeling that you have after visiting the City of Light—that the memories made there will sustain you long after you’ve left its historic streets. There are many ways to remember these special experiences, and they don’t have to involve snapping a photo.

Designer Talia Sari has created a token of Paris that can symbolize the best things about the city. Her Paris map jewelry is a gold-plated pendant that features an abstract representation of the romantic locale.

For those familiar with Paris, you’ll know that the radiating design represents the city; but for others, it appears as simply a striking geometric design. The minimalist approach is both stylish while allowing you to attach your own meaning to the necklace. It is not clouded by someone else’s pictures or illustration—like being in Paris, the adventure is truly your own.

The Paris map necklace is now available in the My Modern Met Store. And if you’re looking to venture elsewhere, Rome, London, and New York City are all waiting for you.

With Paris map jewelry by Talia Sari, you’ll always have the romantic locale around your neck and close to your heart.

City Map Jewelry
City Map Jewelry
Paris Map Jewelry

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All images via Talia Sari.

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