You’ll Lose Some Teeth Trying To Eat These Sushi

Different types of sushi are beautifully lined up on the table. At first glance, they look appetizing, but on a closer look, you’ll notice that something’s not right with them. That’s because they’re not real food. These are made of stone.

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The artist, who goes by the name Hama, is a graduating senior from art school who created this series of hand-polished sushi stones during the pandemic-induced lockdown and subsequent remote learning. It may be heard to believe, but all the rich colors you see are from natural stones – no paints or artificial coloring of any kind was used.

Close observers will notice that among the sushi are body parts like ears, lips, nose and a finger. The artist says that the series – both the fish but also the body parts – were inspired by his part-time work in the seafood industry where he saw so much life being ended and then thrown out without even being eaten. Creating body parts as pieces of sushi was the artist’s way of reminding us that much of the food we eat was once alive, and that we all need to do our part to combat food waste.

Hama’s work is part of the Joint Graduation Exhibition of 5 Art Universities in Tokyo.


(Image Credit: Hama/ Spoon & Tamago)

Source: neatorama

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