You'll Never Guess What the Inside of this Normal-Looking House Looks Like

🏠 The house on Coleman Way in Sacramento, California, looks just like any other regular ol’ house on the block, but you’ll never guess how it looks from the inside. Wow.

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🎵 “If you’re happy and you know it, overthink it.” The Holderness Family sings the anthem of people who always overthink things. Here’s The Over-Thinking Song.

🦿 Sure, you can still outrun the world’s fastest bipedal robot right now, but you know how technology improves by leaps and bounds. By the time the Robocalypse happen, surely the bots can easily catch you when you try to run away.

😻 Hurricane Ian devastated parts of Florida yesterday, but there was one bright moment of kindness when a man spotted a cat trying to stay out of flooding waters and rescued it. Yay humans!

💀 What does an engineer do when he’s in charge of decorating for Halloween? Wild Bill Knowles has the answer: make a diorama of skeletons roasting a Chevy S-10 pickup truck!

🕸️ If that’s too involved for you lazy Halloween decorators, try this one: how to make Easy Giant Halloween Spiderwebs (or simply don’t clean for oh, a decade or two, and let natural spiderwebs accumulate instead).

🕺 Rebellious skateboarders will openly flaunt pandemic restrictions during the lockdown, but roller skaters are much more devious: they organize Secret Roller Discos where they gather every week to roller skate and hang out.

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